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Followup on my previous entry related to my wallpaper. I just wanted my terminal to look nice since I spend quite some time on it. I use zsh by the way, but there are similar instructions for bash as well.

I’ll just document the steps I followed (2 alternatives)


Install powerline-shell (more configuration options in the github repo):

sudo pip install powerline-shell

Add these lines to .zshrc:

function powerline_precmd() {
    PS1="$(powerline-shell --shell zsh $?)"

function install_powerline_precmd() {
  for s in "${precmd_functions[@]}"; do
    if [ "$s" = "powerline_precmd" ]; then

if [ "$TERM" != "linux" ]; then


Install ohmyzsh:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh/master/tools/install.sh)"

Replace the theme in line


by one of the themes in this list, I chose agnoster.

Color scheme (doesn’t work completely with powerline-shell)

Install pywal:

sudo pip install pywal

Then run

wal -i "/path/to/img.jpg"

Which I pointed to my pacwall generated wallpaper, you should see a change in color scheme now. This is my result:

Wallpaper and matching terminal color scheme

Finally make the color scheme part of the .zshrc and persist between reboots (by modifying .xinitrc) (based on these instructions), here are my .zshrc additions:

(cat ~/.cache/wal/sequences &)

And my .xinitrc addition:

wal -R

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