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Let me start by saying that the purpose of this entry is not to say “Look at how selfless I am for donating money to FOSS organizations or projects” so, with that in mind, I will not list any specific quantities because that is not the point I am trying to make. Having written the proper disclaimer, let’s get to it:

My preferences

In the past month I have written about my projects and experiences with FOSS, self hosting and even digital art. Here’s the list of organizations/projects I support and why I chose them:

  • Krita: I just loved how they’re working hard to include amazing brushes and textures by default. I didn’t try digital before because I’m used to traditional media (in particular watercolor).
  • Yunohost: Easy self-hosting solution, very nice people in the forums and even this blog runs on a Yunohost server!
  • ManjaroARM: I just love what they’re doing for the Pinebook, Pinephone and Raspberry Pi
  • My mastodon instance and what started the whole “better/safer digital life” train I’m on
  • I’m using my own Synapse server for encrypted communication with my family, thanks to Yunohost.

(there are many more I’d like to support but, you know, adulting and paying the bills…)

Why donate?

Aside from sharing my preferences I’d like to encourage you (my surely millions of readers that is 😛 ) to support any FOSS project you’ve found useful or interesting, either by donating a small amount of money or (even better) by contributing with time and coding expertise.

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