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I am writing this entry because today is September 15th, almost Mexican Independence day. Fun fact: The whole thing really started on September 16th, 210 years ago but to this day is celebrated on the night of the 15th because one of our presidents wanted to celebrate his birthday at the same time. See Porfirio Diaz for more details.

This entry is a bit of a rant about living abroad and what everyone calls “Mexican food”

My problem with “Mexican” food

It’s not a secret that my country is known for having the best a very rich cuisine, however I feel that it is very badly represented abroad thanks to our neighbors from the US (I am not trying to start a flame war here).

Since I started living abroad (almost 3 years ago now) I’ve seen many different representations, admittedly good food but not what I would call Mexican, I think the most common misconceptions are:

  • No Mexican uses cheddar cheese, that just doesn’t happen
  • The corn most people know in Mexico is neither sweet nor yellow (there are blue and red varieties but I won’t get into that)
  • No, we don’t really celebrate cinco de Mayo (although it is a very good excuse our friends from the US like to use to eat tons of avocado and drink tequila, but by all means go ahead 🙂 )
  • Chili con carne, most burritos and sweet chili sauce are what would be better described as “Tex-Mex”
  • I’ve seen interesting varieties, anything with corn chips, sliced, jalapeño peppers, tomato or beans slapped on top is called “Mexican” (I’ve seen this in the US and all over Europe)
  • Apparently Norway and Sweden have a long standing tradition of “Taco Friday”: lots of minced meat with cumin and other spices and taco shells

So there you go, weird moments whenever I hear “Oh, you’re Mexican? I love Mexican food!”, which is why I always ask if the person has ever been to Mexico (Come on, at least Cancun is a popular destination isn’t it?)

Hope this information is useful, at least it lets me blow off some steam and think about the food I love so much but can’t have on this day.

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