Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 2)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 2)

Last wednesday was Dungeons and Dragons day, so here’s my corresponding blog entry before the next session, this builds up on my previous entry:

After some dice rolling to increase hit points for my paladin (didn’t know about this or that I could use “Lay on hands” my level x5 times or even use the big ol’ “Divine Smite”, big fail on my side). Some shenanigans:

We started off at the sewer dungeon, where we were on a stakeout trying to investigate this were-rat problem but nothing happened, so we decided to take a bath in the river before attempting to enter our inn (we were refused before for stinking, we spent a night in the sewer so that’s understandable).

A baker payed us with a (big) Pretzel for bringing the news of his wife’s death.

Our barbarian got his maze repaired after lying about the grey ooze incident, he told the blacksmith he had just slayed giant acidic rats

We remembered finding some note about some warehouse in the previous dungeon so we tried investigating it but were stopped by some yellow guards, after that, we got a job that involved “relocating” rats cargo in another warehouse, this time protected by red guards so we got our dwarf-warlock-necromancer to distract them by taking a leak in front of them (as explained before, people in Asuria are kind of racist), then loosing them somewhere, we quickly dealt with our job.

Said dwarf himself very useful once more by disguising himself as the yellow guards’ big burly captain man to sneak us in the warehouse we wanted to investigate, we also avoided battle with an ogre stacking crates inside, we got burly captain man to fool him into thinking he had been awarded employee of the month for his good work and after clearing some hidden dungeon where we killed a were-rat man with a labcoat (he packed quite a punch) we sent him to get his employee of the month prize, which ended on a rampage across the town and killing most of the enemies we were supposed to deal with ourselves .. Our DM was impressed with this development.

Turns out we avoided most of the fighting by being clever and most of the day’s session was about some plot to turn the townpeople into were-rats but for now we think we drove away the person behind everything, we’ll see…

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