Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

Wednesday November 11 (yes, fitting, we celebrated single’s day by playing DnD 😛 ). As usual this entry build on the previous one.

In the map we are at the bottom slightly to the right.

Some of the interesting things that happened:

  • After a good night’s sleep at our inn “The Raging Ram” in the city “Nossa”, our party left to pick up our newly silvered weapons from the local blacksmith (in preparation to fight the undead, which we heard were roaming in the east and one of our quests leads us there, something about finding a rogue mage).
  • Went to the encampment of the mercenary group “The prouncing roosters” and were offered 2 jobs: one was to convince either the raiding ogre Goldfang or one of his captains to join the group (or “deal” with him if he refuses), the other was to find missing members of the group that headed east on scouting missions (or their journals if they were undead).
  • In preparation for our journey to “Topisa” in the east, we bought 2 noble mules, their names are: Oscar and Napoleon III (don’t know what happened to the first 2 Napoleons).
  • In Topisa we stayed at “The Broken Wagonwheel”, heard that the undead attacked a farm called “Darkfalls” 2 days ride sway from there, so naturally we headed there and stayed at “The Weary Traveler” (funny that these 2 inns were owned by halflings and they seemed cheerful despite te undead threat).
  • We were ambushed at night by a group of skeletons, saved the bar keeper and the inn so we were told to drink as much ale as we wanted and the remainder of our stay was on the house. We noticed that the skeletons belonged to dwarves, innkeeper casually mentioned a grave complex nearby as well.
  • On our way to the farm we were attacked by a were-rat sent by the ring leader we sent an ogre to in the last session, we tried interrogating him but he didn’t want to talk (Our barbarian squished his head)
  • Upon arrival at the farm everything was burnt and we didn’t find anything but were attacked by a dyre wolf some wolves at night.
  • We went to the dwarven grave complex: “The tomb of King Burlock, the settler of grudges”, admired the architecture, went into the dungeon. As now I know what my abilities are I divine smite’d the sh*t out of a gargoyle and thenn we fought some weird shadows

And that’s were the summary ends. I now own a player’s handbook, paladin spell cards, 2 dice sets and a laser cut dice tower (courtesy of one of my friends) 🙂

Today’s loot, I love the artwork on this book!

I’ll try to find some time to make a doodle, kind of want to create some kind of comic, we’ll see…

EDIT: I was able to create a doodle in Krita, cartoons are definitely not my style

Awesome paladin doodle

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