Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 4)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 4)

Wednesday was DnD night as usual. But before that something funny about priorities: At our workplace we are allowed to do home office at our own discretion, almost all the party members are using that benefit but we all show up at the office on Wednesdays because it is DnD night and we usually just play in a meeting room 😀

As usual this is a followup to the previous entry

This session was more of a “clear the dungeon” type, some interesting things happened:

  • Started off at the entrance of an ancient dwarven tomb belonging to King Burlock: the settler of grudges
  • Fought a bunch of dwarven skellies (nobles, heroes or commoners), courtesy of our current quest target rogue warlock/necromancer Alfred Martin
  • Found some health potions, assorted acid vials, holy water, a cool pink magic stone thingy (we still don’t know what it is but Cleric took it) and a map that leads to Karas Karak, an ancient dwarven fortress that’s supposed to have massive loot incalculable cultural heritage value.
  • Mistook a guardian statue for a dungeon boss in the tomb’s Hall of remembrance so we buffed up (I am now using my 2 paladin spell slots appropriately, my choices were Shield of Faith and Bless) to discover our attacks were useless and we could just walk past the statue <insert table flip emoji here>, also found some cool runes that seemed to protect some noble dwarves from becoming undead (Our warlock took note)
  • Apparently King Burlock himself had become undead but retained some will power, which prevented him from attacking nearby villages or farms. I Divine Smite’d the hell out of him put him to rest respectfully while our Warlock snuck past the fight to read the king’s book of grudges. We asked Casper the now friendly ghost for directions on our map, he gifted a great magical axe to our Barbarian and then disappeared
  • Our DM heavily hinted that we needed a safe place to level up so we went outside just to find one of Alfred Martin’s minions, who warned us not to mess with him, his patron and their project, then proceeded to offer us a job (because why not?) which we pretended to be interested in because it involved something we potentially could use against them can be found at Seeder’s Spring (bottom-right corner of our map). We tried to kill the guy but instead we took a beating and he disappeared.
  • We got back to The Weary Traveler just to find our halfling innkeeper scratching his head because the place was crawling with skeletons that are now rebuilding everything (this is weird). Funnily enough the inn was deemed a “safe place” and we long rested there to level up.

That was it for this session, I’ll try to get the map I mentioned, we only have a physical copy and our Warlock didn’t share it yet.

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