Privacy Resources and ongoing translation efforts

Humanetech Translation Project

Otherwise known as HTP (I personally prefer HTTP 😛 ), is a little project that started on the Humane Tech Community forum after my little comment about privacy related content available mostly in English, see this entry for context.

The project has officially started and is looking for translators, so if anyone is interested please head here, apparently we’ve gathered quite a few translators already but it’s always nice to have more!

Some of the immediate goals have been already met: such as getting translators and setting up the translation environment.

Privacy Label

I am also happy to share that I made a tiny contribution by translating Privacy Label to Spanish. The project aims to make it easy to convey how user data will be used.

Translation didn’t take a lot of time and I encourage anyone who can spare a few minutes to contribute to either Privacy Label or HTTP HTP.

Day 30 of

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