Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 5)

As usual DnD wednesday, we only went to the office to play because, you know… priorities 😛

As usual, this is a followup to the previous entry

As I advanced to level 3, I realized that a Paladin Oath is chosen at this point, it affects the spells you can cast and even your role-playing I guess. That doesn’t make sense without a proper character description, I have to say that to be original I added certain Mexican cultural traits to my character, here it is:

NameTenoch of the noble house Titlán (word play for the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán)
AlignmentNeutral Good
Holy SymbolImage of Huitzilopochtli on shield (Aztec god of war)
Chosen OathOath of Vengeance (duh , god of war… so it was either this one or Conquest)
Some of my favorite spells so farShield of Faith, Bless, Hunter’s Mark, Cure Wounds

Having described my character properly, on with the events of this session:

  • We took some time to level up at our inn: The Weary Traveler, our barbarian grew attached to his new great axe, our warlock summoned a familiar, I chose an oath and cleric just got drunk apparently. We took shifts to sleep because we didn’t trust the skeletons from last time to only build at night but apparently that’s all they did.
  • We started traveling to Seeder’s Spring to find this mysterious obstacle for our local rogue mage Alfred Martin’s undead rising plan.
  • On our way we found an empty inn being rebuilt by very diligent skeletons, we raided the pantry for rations 😀
  • Found some random flying mage hobgoblin being downed by a Griffin (weird) He was carrying some letter saying that a new admiral at sea requested an audience with the king under the mountain. We think this guy could be one of the ogres involved in a quest we declined for the undead investigation.
  • When we arrived at Seeder’s Spring we found some fortifications around the city with a bunch of knights getting ready for battle with the undead, which apparently are only attacking that place. These guys are the knightly order of the Raven Queen (Local deity preventing the dead to be risen), they are led by Leon de Dunois, a very colorful character.
  • We decided to pay our respects to the Raven Queen and my charisma prayers got me a temporary blessed sword to fight the undead
  • Long story short: we fought skeletons, zombies (of various sizes), whites and something like a white mage boss guy to defend the city, lots of fun, Divine Smiting, using our warlock’s familiar (turned into a raven) to fool Leon into helping us in the final fight (we had to keep him alive just for him to keep foolishly charging and asking if we needed medical assistance)
  • Our warlock got called by his patron and given some staff and as thanks for defending the city I was given a sword called Beak, which was blessed by the Raven Queen.
  • As a bonus and part of one of our many side quests, we found out that some of the zombies were part of The Prouncing Roosters‘ scout party and retrieved their notebooks for gold from their boss information about the undead.

That was it for this session.

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