Fishing as a new hobby

For some time now, starting from spring last year, I’ve been going out to fish (from the fjord’s shore) with 2 of my friends here.

Let’s just say that we’re not very good at this, a lot of our lures/hooks have been lost to seaweed and even bad knots that came loose while throwing (that one was me by the way 😛 )

Only one I managed to catch something, gutting, bleeding and cutting the fish was an experience and it makes you appreciate the convenience of supermarkets. On the bright side this comes with a sense of satisfaction and maybe that is why I found the fish super tasty after I added salt, pepper, ground garlic and a lot of butter and threw it in the oven for like 20 mins.

Notice my very crude cutting technique

Why do it if you suck?

It’s quite simple, it provides the perfect excuse to go outdoors (a 15 minute drive will get you to some very nice places), hang out and enjoy the landscapes.

It provides a nice complement to my job and other hobbies (selfhosting, playing around with electronics and painting), for which I just sit in front of a computer all day. Although running and swimming are nice too, being outdoors just chilling (literally lately), maybe get to nice spots after a bit of a hike and occasionally fishing something are things I enjoy and provide some balance.

Looks like I caught something but I was really loosing another lure to seaweed

Day 32 of

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