Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 6)

DnD Wednesday, our quest continues.

As usual this is a followup on the previous entry

First of all I advanced to level 4 (woot!), here are some of the session highlights:

  • As we headed back to The Weary Traveler we stayed at one of the Inns the skeletons had been building. Our Cleric had a vision of a “beautiful naked man” (apparently his patron god is Baldur) saying there’s a gift for him waiting and shows him flashes of an unfinished bridge (one that the skeletons were building), a field and a round room. Our Warlock had a vision of a mountain range, a dwarven tomb like structure with a dwarf doing steel work and some dwarf woman screaming.
  • As we continued traveling west we stayed at another empty Inn, one of the skeletons tried to get us to sign a contract to own and manage the Inn (he could answer yes/no questions and shrug, quite smart for an undead), we agreed to take the contract and find an owner.
  • Our Barbarian is able to talk to animals so just for fun we decided to get a mouse to take over the Inn, needless to say it didn’t agree and had quite a mouth on him. (Snowhite would be sad)
  • We found out that the path shown to out Cleric was indeed across that half finished bridge we had seen before so we went there and discovered that the field in his vision was magically protected and actually a marsh with a tower in the middle.
  • We fought a warlock that seemed to be guarding the tower, he was really annoying, casting sleeps spells all the time and poofing (teleporting) back and forth every time we dealt some damage to him. Later found out that his name was Knut, Alfred Martin‘s apprentice.
  • Found a Frankenstein-like lab with 6 members of the Prouncing Roosters with their skull’s open and hooked up to some machine… Some papers on a desk seemed to suggest someone was trying to create a mesh network of undead to control much more. (Did I mention all of us are engineers? 🙂 ), we reported this back to the state sanctioned mage lady that gave us the “chase after Alfred Martin quest” using a Magical Walkie-Talkie a set of candles and some apparatus that let’s us communicate with her (Think Darth Sithious’ hologram in Star Wars). Apparently she’ll send some people over to investigate
  • Found Cleric’s gift hidden behind some bricks in the tower’s Library: a necklace that grants the user 3 “Bless Spells”, “Branding Smite” and “Wind Walk” (This one is kind of like “Fly” in the Pokemon games)
  • Found some notes that point to Alfred Martin is plotting with Jarl Sigur to make him the new King of Asuria, information which we relayed back to mage lady.
  • We found a parapet in the second last floor of the tower, there was a chair there that attacked when our Warlock sat on it, funnily enough, that chair got all his hit points when he was basically the one that dealt the most damage to Knut…
  • Last floor of the tower contained a map of magic ley lines, most ley lines were crossing Grong Dumathoin (the ancient dwarven temple Alfred Martin was headed to), Asuria’s great tree (the one with the most ley lines crossing) and a Volcano.
  • We finished the session at The Weary traveler, got the Innkeeper to take ownership of the skeleton made one and had some brandy.

That’s it for this week’s session.

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