Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 7)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 7)

DnD Wednesday, and as usual this is a followup to the previous entry

This session was more about upgrading equipment and selling loot, also our DM finally shared the digital version of the Dwarven map we’ve been using for the past 3 sessions, some of the highlights:

  • We used fly Cleric’s ability to use “Wind Walk”, turned ourselves and our noble mules (Oscar and Napoleon III) into a cloud and get to the city of Topisa in a couple of hours.
  • We had to bribe a city guard because he decided to look into our loot cargo, then we headed to the gold district (posh part of the city), had a gnome appraise our stuff and buy some (after applying what he called no questions about how we came into possession of the artifacts“inheritance” fee), same guy recommended to pay a visit to family Great Mustache‘s mansion.
  • Upon visiting the mansion, a butler was being elitist and reluctant to let us in so we showed him the goods (all of a sudden an appointment was cancelled). We were received by Lord Mustachio, a fancy man wearing a monocle, who bought some necklaces we got from the tomb of Burlock the Grudge Settler and said to come to him if we found more ancient Dwarven artifacts.
  • We also sold some spices, a painting of a horse by artist Alfonso and some of our extra gear. We got to The sharpest knife in the drawer, a weapons dealer shop, Cleric and me decided to buy Splint Armor and I also got a light crossbow with some ammunition.
Finally, the long awaited Dwarven map
  • The next day we traveled to the first town in our Dwarven map (see above), we took a look, decided to chase after some cloak wearing goblin, then we were ambushed, fought some goblins and wolf-riding goblins, then the bastards they ran away, we kept investigating and had our Warlock’s imp scout in case they tried the same again, since it was bound to happen we fled to the next town.
  • The next town was a mining town, we found some place with dwarven carvings that read Mining Office, with some other goblin carvings on top that read Big boss party house, so of course we decided to crash the party, fought some more goblins and a goblin gladiator. We then found out a secret passage to loot and we descended deep into the mine (it looks like all the towns are connected from below). Cleric was hit by a huge axe spring loaded trap.

That’s it for now

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