Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 8 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 8 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

This Wednesday’s session was a bit special, after a surge in COVID-19 cases, my city’s municipality decided to improve safety measures, therefore the office had to do it as well… We’re basically expected to work from home until January 15th, so rather than getting together in a meeting room at the office to roll some dice, we had to turn to online platforms.

Online DnD

We settled for roll20, it provides what they call a “Virtual Table Top”, on which you can view your character tokens, pictures, and doodles to make the experience somewhat immersive. There are some advanced GM (or DM) functionalities as well. Some of us were already using a digital platform to manage our character sheet: DnDBeyond and we discovered a browser extension called Beyond20 that lets us roll the dice from DnD beyond and have the result show in roll20’s VTT.

I guess a picture represents this better than words:

I am using free accounts on both platforms, which limits the features for your character, for example, my oath (Oath of Vengeance) and it’s corresponding spell cards are features you have to pay for. I am a bit disappointed, since the features are unlocked by buying their DnD Player’s Handbook, one would think that buying a physical copy (which I already did, from a local store) would give you some kind of code to unlock these features but I think they expect you to pay for their marketplace digital version as well… Also, you can’t access the content offline or download anything.

Having concluded my little rant, on to the good stuff:

This week’s highlights

  • We start under the mine of Grint Zon, which we concluded leads to an underground path connecting all the ancient Dwarven cities of the area, Warlock invoked his imp familiar again (it’s name is Teal’C by the way).
  • We walked towards Zhufbar and on our way we slept at an old garrison and fought giant spiders, of course I had to pick the shiny Pokemon different colored one, which made my HP drop to 0 and do a death save throw for the first time. We were told later that it as a phase spider.
  • When we got to Zhufbar we found out it as inhabited by Mushroom people, this was weird as f*ck and our DM provided a picture:
Shroom people, grunt? and dog?
  • Apparently shrooms are friendly, sprayed us with spores to communicate telepathically, fed us mushrooms and let us spend the night. Also, they had old Dwarven minted gold, which they were willing to exchange for “fertilizer” (yes, we sold them poop). Our Warlock found a leather armor he liked in their Dwarven Artifacts museum, they gave it to us in exchange of a side quest fulfillment: They want us to dump a barrel of spores at some place between the bridge and Grong Dumathoin (where we believe necromancer Alfred Martin is)
  • We then got to the tower at Minnor, from where we saw some smoke coming from the forest, Cleric used fly Wind Walk and we got closer to the Outcast Village:
  • The village harbors all races and is not intolerant towards magic users as the rest of Asuria… Guard didn’t really trust us, so he called the village elder, who agreed to let us spend the night after hearing our story (we left the shroom people out because it is just weird). Nothing really interesting happened here, Cleric visited the town’s chapel, which honors Melora, the goddess of wilderness and the hunt, being inside it didn’t give you the vibe of being indoors, lots of greenery and rabbits running around.
  • Since townsfolk didn’t seem to have a problem with magic, we had Cleric cast Wind Walk in the town square in front of everyone just to showoff. In cloud form we discovered that the spot we were supposed to dump the shroom spores as beyond a chasm with a 2 level bridge (see the map), said bridge seemed to be an encampment for hundreds of goblins, so we just risked it, flew past them while they tried to fire arrows at us and dumped the spores to continue walking to _Grong Dumathoin
  • When we finally got to Grond Dumathoin, which seemed eerily silent. In the temple we fought a couple of banshees, one of them made me faint (again, so this wasn’t my session). We also had a rematch with Alfred Martin‘s minion apprentice Knut (apparently back from the dead as a Deadlock), we basically silenced him to avoid annoying spells and killed him with everything we had (of course I divine smite’d him). He left behind the Staff of the Adder, which our Cleric took.
  • We found a carved path at a far end of the temple, so we followed it and found some necromancer guy (eyes white and everything) sitting in some Frankenstein-like lab place hooked up to a Darven woman (from our Warlock’s dream), he had the ability chilling touch so physical attacks were not an option (used my newly acquired crossbow), when we killed the guy the cave started to shake, Dwarven woman disappeared and we started to get Indiana Jones vibes, so we hurried to the entrance of the temple.
  • For another WTF moment when we left the temple and saw the settlement below it we realized it was full of live Dwarves and not the ruins we were used to. So apparently we were transported through time or something

So that’s the session, DM really put some effort in the online experience and the plot twists, here’s our path in the map:

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