Christmas 2020

This is meant to be a reflection on spending Christmas alone in one of the worst years for the planet in general.

I think it’s basically beating on a dead horse to say that 2020 has been horrible in general due to COVID-19, everyone has had it tough for a lot of reasons, from the worst (having lost a loved one or health issues) to the minor annoyances (like working from home).

I don’t mean to complain, in fact I should count my blessings as I am healthy and in a relatively safe environment so there’s that too.

I’ve also spent Christmas away from home a few times before, so it’s nothing new (spoiler alert, they all sucked), but this time it was different, I guess it’s related to the fact that I was looking forward to go back home and well, I couldn’t for obvious reasons (not traveling is the responsible thing to do after all).

Not enjoying the usual family dinner and everything kind of sucked because I really didn’t do anything special and spent the day alone but there were silver linings:

  • There was Fosstodon matrix channel to hang out (thanks for that @gina!), which kind of made my day to be honest. This initiative was successful, it even evolved into a permanent Matrix room
  • Had an early morning videocall with family back home (early morning for me, midnight for them)

All things considered it wasn’t really bad, even for an introvert like me, human contact is necessary and if I’ve learned one thing this year is that meaningful human contact is often taken for granted.

On another note, you may be wondering why I make a fuss about spending Christmas with my family as not everyone enjoys that (and I respect that, to each their own), short answer is: I’m Mexican, if there’s one thing we value above everything (even common sense or reason at times) is family.

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe, I am truly happy for those that could get together with their loved ones.

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