Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 9 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 9 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

This Wednesday we resumed our DnD sessions after the holiday break, we would’ve done so the previous week but I was not feeling very well.

On to the fun stuff:

Last time we thought we had traveled in time or something because we found ourselves at the entrance of Grong Dumathoin, turns out we actually got to the Shadowfell (see Shadowfell and Feywild explained). Some dwarf named Dane told us that the very much alive dwarves here had the duty to protect the souls going to the afterlife, he was also addressing our dwarven Warlock and wondering why he had brought along 3 slaves: us, the rest of the party and humans (oh how the tables have turned) and even said he was bold to let us carry weapons.

Dane led us to what looked like some Inn, we established that the reason they hadn’t seen any souls come by is not because of the dwarven empire not burying their dead anymore but rather because the empire is no more and humans are in power now. Dane sees this as an opportunity to have the city council open the gate and let the dwarves here go back to the material plane, he’s kind of the leader of the faction in favor of leaving and wants us to convince the council but also warned us about dissidents being arrested or suddenly disappearing. We also explained our necromancer problem

We decided to go for the council, they were not willing to believe us and at some point even tried to bribe us and even got really angry when we didn’t agree (we were counting guards and exits in preparation for a possible battle) but we managed to have Tolbera of the Fireforge clan, and main big wig there, to at least look at the magic book of grudges left behind by Burlock, the grudge settler, who was a known king to them, not before pointing out that at some point all the grudges logged in the book are related to dwargar and not the average dwarf problems. The council agreed to deliberate behind closed doors, and then after deliberating they couldn’t reach a decision so they suggested to go full Game of Thrones on us and “let the gods decide the next morning”, so we were supposed to nominate a champion since our party was in favor of having the city leave for the material plane, we chose Cleric as our champion.

In preparation for our cleric’s upcoming duel we asked Dane who could be the council’s champion and what abilities he had, to which he replied that it was probably going to be the head guard and he was good with an axe. We then gathered ingredients for a very complex divination spell (which basically lets you ask the DM questions about the outcome of your decisions) and getting some potions (we had our guy Dane pitch in for a potion of healing and we even bought a potion of greater healing). Barbarian tried to make a profit and sell a sheep skin but no one cared for it (at night he discovered that saying the word “fire” in dwarven makes his axe catch fire, which was neat)

The next morning’s duel was very anticlimactic, Cleric just destroyed the head guard, council agreed to let everyone go back to the material plane but warned that the ritual would take a week to prepare. Tolbera told us to go kill a Chimaera because it was needed for said ritual and suggested we talk to the city scout Gloin who could be at the guard hut by the city gate.

Our Warlock summoned his familiar again (it died in our last battle) and then we found Gloin who thought we were mad to try to kill a Chimaera, he pointed us to some mountain peaks to the east, not before telling us that it had killed some council members before (maybe the ones who didn’t fell in line?) and the party debated whether or not to go confront Tolbera about this and maybe even ask one of the warlocks about the ritual to confirm a Chimaera was needed but then we decided it would be fun to slay it and then confront Tolbera, Barbarian called dibs on chopping his head off if it came to that.

Bonus: how do people live in the Shadowfell?

As a bonus we had an interesting debate since the Shadowfell was described as a having a permanent twilight on the sky, we were wondering how the dwarves grew wheat to produce bread for example. The city council said they had access to some pocket dimension in which grew it and they would give us a pension there as a bribe, which triggered the conversation…

So that’s it for this session.

Day 42 of ongoing 2020

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