My blogging journey so far

I remember I started a blog in March last year (2019), it was a simple Writefreely blog,it looked like this:

Writefreely blog

It was simple, easy to use and you could follow it via mastodon, I wanted to engage a bit more with my fellow fedizens so I started looking into WordPress around the same time I built my Raspberrypi 4 server and I found out that WordPress was an app Yunohost had listed (it’s basically a one-click install but you require a dedicated domain) so I migrated, at the time that was easy, just downloaded all my previous posts in markdown and added them one by one (there weren’t that many). I also discovered the Indieweb and installed a bunch of plugins and theme to make the blog Indieweb compliant, the result was something like this:

Indieweb friendly blog with the Autonomie theme

But it’s been a while and I really don’t use the Indieweb plugins that much except for a couple. A few days ago when I was going through my RSS feeds, I stumbled upon Kev Quirk‘s 512kb club (first rule of the 512kb club is you talk about it as much as you can with everyone ;P ), which was a good excuse to make my blog “lighter” so I gave myself a challenge:

Let’s try to make my blog as light as possible with just plugins, no deep diving into PHP, CSS or HTML “

-Silly me

This is how the blog looks now:

New lighter blog with Twenty Twenty-One theme

I can say I barely managed to get in the 512kb club blue team but it was fun! Here’s the badge of honor (also attached to the blog’s footer)

512kb blue team

My current setup

This is my current setup, I tried to keep the minimum necessary:

  • WordPress theme: Twenty Twenty-One
  • ActivityPub
  • Akismet Anti-Spam
  • Companion Auto Update
  • Disable Emojis (GDPR friendly)
  • GTmetrix for WordPress
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Semantic-Linkbacks
  • Simple LDAP Login
  • Simple Local Avatars
  • Smush
  • Syndication Links
  • Webmention
  • WP Fail2Ban Redux
  • WP Reset

Static site in the future?

In the future I may try to create a static website with Jekyll or Hugo, self hosting would be a bit of a challenge because all my setup has been automated by Yunohost… let’s call that a weekend/side project. I am a complete noob, so it will probably take some time

Day 43 of my 2020’s

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