Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 10 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 10 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Since last time we were suspicious of dwarven council member Tolbera‘s intentions when he told us to go kill a Chimaera, the party decided to consult with a priest in charge of the ritual required to open a gate to the material plane, so we headed to Grong Dumathoin temple and asked a priest about the use of Chimaera, long story short: they have some gland, which produce some kind of enzyme that could accelerate the potion making but they’re not absolutely necessary. We took this information with interest but decided to go kill one anyway, on our way out of the city we overheard Gloin and the others at the guards’ hut talking about some bet pool and our survival.

We knew we could find ghouls, zombies or skeletons on our way to the peak where the Chimaera could be found, but instead of those, we found a group of 5 Ogre Zombies on our way there:

Ogre zombie
Ogre Zombie, taken shamelessly from D&D Beyond

We had all leveled up (level 5) recently so we were eager to try out new things, our Warlock came with an elegant solution, since avoiding them required us to go off the path we were on: he cast Hypnotic pattern, which left them all drooling where they stood and we could attack them one at a time (the targeted creature snaps out of the hypnotized state when attacked). After that we just set camp and took turns to keep watch at night. Nothing happened.

The next morning we kept walking and found some clearing that looked like a ritual site, after a survival check our Barbarian discovered that the funny looking shrubbery in the vicinity was actually a human assassin in disguise, which he tried to grapple but didn’t succeed, soon after we found ourselves surrounded and had to fight a group of around 6 assassins and a mage. They seemed to be fond of the Chimaera because it showed up when we were about done with them:

Chimaera, taken shamelessly from D&D Beyond

We healed ourselves up and charged towards it always trying to avoid being in the radius of it’s fire breath. We all ganged up on it: Warlock cast Cloud of Daggers to deal damage as long as it was in the area. I managed to use Divine Smite on it twice in one turn (since I now have an extra attack), which dealt a lot of damage. It didn’t even manage to use fire breath.

Then we proceeded to loot and cut the Chimaera‘s heads and just when Cleric was done skinning it, more assassin/cult guys showed up, there were around 12 of them. Rather than fighting them I decided to flex and intimidate them try to talk to them, so I stood there all proud and mighty and said: “Guys, we just killed a Chimaera, do you really want to do this?”. After rolling persuasion (a 26 no less) they decided to turn back and leave.

We were lazy and had Cleric cast Wind Walk to get back to the city fast, back at the guards’ hut, Gloin could be overheard swearing and complaining about loosing money. We basically paraded around with the Chimaera‘s heads and had a priest at the temple extract the special gland and headed to the city council, since they were not in session we decided to wait for them outside. – At some point we debated whether or not we should wait for them in the room sitting on their chairs with our feet on their desks but we decided against it – When the council members arrived, we confronted Tolbera about the Chimaera business and apparently the other council members weren’t aware of the task we had been assigned, so another council member told us they would discuss this matter further behind closed doors and asked us to wait outside the room, not before saying that we would be handsomely rewarded.

That was it for this session, we think Tolbera is in trouble and would love to let Barbarian chop his head off.

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