Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 11 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 11 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

For this entry I’ll try to summarize a bit more

Last time we were waiting on the council’s decision regarding Tolbera‘s scheme to have a Chimaera kill us. After deliberation behind closed doors, 4 council members came out to the town’s square and announced that Tolbera would be staying behind and rule the dwarves who chose to stay.

After some preparation the portal was opened and we walked through, by some miracle a man from the Couriers managed to track us down and delivered 3 letters:

  1. from Sarah Warden (Who hired us to track down and kill the necromancer Alfred Martin in the first place): apparently the baron she worked for decided to side with Jarl Langskeggi and there’s a bounty on our heads and Sarah’s now. The Bloody Eye has been hired to kill us
  2. Jarl Banani has asked me Tenoch Beaksword, the leader of our party (he seems to think so) to join his court
  3. Spam letter about joining the adventurer’s guild rewards program for 500 gold and enjoy discounts at inns and a free mess kit when joining

We then proceeded to show the Sun and HDR colors to the now material plane dwarves (they were very pale and squinting at everything).

After deciding we would go to Karak-Karaz (the ancient dwarven empire capital) to loot preapre a nice welcome before the dwarves came.

We found the first member of The Bloody Eye after camping one day, a guy firing poisonous arrows, which we defeated and after a quick pat down we looted 2 vials of Assassin’s blood (some poison) from his corpse.

We discussed briefly (30 mins) disposing of the goblins at the nearby double bridge we had crossed before but discarded the idea.

While traveling using Cleric’s Wind Walk someone called out his name and ended up fighting 2 trolls and an ogre:

Troll, taken shamelessly from dndbeyond
Ogre, taken shamelessly from dndbeyond

Turns out they were also hired to kill us, presumably by The Bloody Eye, as per a doodle of a short bearded man, a burly nearly naked man and 2 men in heavy armor (basically our party) on a paper with the number 5000 on it.

We emerged from the troll tunnel after a fight to find the ruins of an old mining town: Grint Skarrenruf

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