Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 13 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

This session was fun and a mix of random stuff, anyway, on to the good stuff:

  • Last session ended with us fighting our way through a Duergar outpost, so we fought on and ended up killing a Duergar Warlord
  • We also liberated some more slaves, these were goblins and our Barbarian started going on about how they ruin everything and we would be better off without them (as last time) *insert eyeroll here
  • We became a cloud (Cleric’s Wind Walk), went to get our former-slave gnomes and walked to their secret city, at some point we had to cross a mysterious mist that pretty much disorients travelers and protects gnome secret city, we had to basically grab each other’s hands and follow a chain link along the path (you were supposed to stay on the path or be lost to the ages), of course we had to use rope to tie someone to the rest of us and have them go look blindly into the mist to look for the other end of the broken chain link. Barbarian failed but Cleric succeeded and we got to the apparently german-gnome city of Waldstadt
  • The really fat gnome king of the city was very thankful to us because we brought princess Eleksis Dossa back home, so, he offered to reward us with either gold or a magical item, turns out it was a Belt of Hill Giant strength, since Barbarian, Cleric and me (Paladin) could use it and wanted it we thought it would be fitting to do a strength check and have the winner take it… I won:
Belt of Giant Strength
Taken shamelessly from DnDBeyond

The next part of the session was a mix of very random stuff:

  • Cleric had the smiths in the city make something that very closely resembled the eye of Agamoto, a pipe that puffs out little creatures (so basically Gandalf’s pipe) and a silver hearing horn with a gem on it for some reason. Warlock bought “exotic spices” that let you “see the future” (so basically drugs). I just got some crossbow bolts and sold some stuff I usually don’t use
  • We went to a local inn and apparently the “pipe weed” Cleric got makes you “feel mellow”, and we had a 10 min discussion about the differences between mist, haze and fog
  • We talked a bit with the barman and told him of our travels, apparently Cleric was bad at telling stories so Warlock had to take over (more charisma)
  • We leveled up and I now get Aura of protection

Our plan for what to do next is to head to Marindal to meet with the Jarl of House Banani (not even joking, that is the actual name, look at the map)

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