Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 14 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 14 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we decided to leave Waldstadt and head for Marjndal to meet with the Jarl of house Banani…

Map of Marindal
  • We clouded up with Cleric’s Wind Walk and landed at the outskirts of the city, close to Sunrise Town (The slums)
  • As we made our way through town a group of people called us traitors for traveling with a dwarf, mentioned something about a “beard tax” and didn’t care about the Jarl’s letter we had… They were around 15 guys with heavy crossbows and somewhat organized, they stormed us, so we pulled off a “Batman move”: we used Eversmoking bottle, and defended ourselves. Cleric and me literally tanked while our Human lawn-mower Barbarian took at least 2 of them every time it was his turn. Needless to say, Shield of Faith came in mighty handy
Eversmoking Bottle
Eversmoking bottle, taken shamelessly from DnDBeyond
  • At the end of the fight , just as Barbarian was piercing the last guy’s chest with a spear, as if on cue, we were arrested by city guards and sent to prison at East Town where we were held before being hung the next day and despite our letter from the Jarl. We met Flint, a guy that was voluntarily there to recruit us, he knew quite a big deal about our party and promised to get us out and quite a lot of gold if we manage to get the Jarl advisor’s signet ring for his organization (we’re calling it Thieve’s Guild for now).
  • Flint got us out of the holding cells through a trapdoor (classic) and managed to both get us to a hideout/inn at Spirit Yard and have someone get our weapons/mules, which was not suspicious at all… We were let go not before hearing the usual “We know how to find you, don’t betray us” speech
  • We managed to get to the castle and pass the filters to meet the Jarl Knut Banani over breakfast next morning, Barbarian got a tailor sent to his room overnight (perhaps his loincloth was deemed offensive)
  • The meeting with the Jarl proceeded smoothly, apparently he found a way to lawfully back his claim to the throne of Asuria (the King is now dead, and both the prince and the King’s brother are missing), apparently the Council of Dragons will decide who the rightful ruler should be and the Jarl expects us to have the Dragons read a bunch of books that explain logically how he is the best candidate to rule Asuria
  • The Jarl promised our Warlock his own dwarven fortress, our Barbarian was made a Baron on the spot and given The Great Forest (provided he deals with the elf problem, more on that below), our Cleric was promised his own Cathedral, land and studying the possibility of bringing his deity Baldur back to life (I know, that’s what I get for playing with Norwegians haha). As for me, a paladin with a noble background, I was promised to take over the Jarl’s position in Marindal once he became king
  • We also met the Jarl’s advisor: Dagur (yes, the one with the signet ring we’re supposed to get for the Thieve’s Guild), he informed us of the rough locations where we can find the dragons:
    • Red dragon at Mount Eldtungi (the most seen, apparently comes out when the volcano erupts and is protected by the Fire people, visible in Asuria‘s map)
    • Bronze dragon at the fjords (comes out during storms and rescues sailors in exchange for their cargo, visible in Asuria‘s map)
    • Gold dragon at The Great Forest (we’d have to ask the locals or deal with the pesky elves)
  • Dagur also requested our help with some side quests local problems:
    • Apparently there are some corrupt guards asking for “protection money” from the locals (they suspect that they are paid by the Thieve’s Guild), we are offered gold per name
    • The elves have become more daring, they’ve been attacking rafts and people that get closer to The Great Forest, we’re again offered gold if we stop them
  • Before our meeting with Dagur ended, he gave us amulets with the Jarl’s coat of arms (basically gives us permission to do as we want) and the “We know how to find you, don’t betray us” speech too

That’s the end of the session, it seems that our DM really likes to makes us play double agents, in this case we don’t like any side but we’ll play along with both for now… We are planning on starting with the elf problem next session

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