Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 15 – Online)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 15 – Online)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last session we decided to go solve the Jarl’s elf problem, so as prep, Cleric and me went to the Jarl’s armorer to order plate armor (since the splint armor we ordered but never picked up at Topisa is long lost). The whole party also got new bedrolls and I got a piece of parchment with holy text from the Raven Queen since she had already favored me once before.

Armor was ready quite fast, because apparently the blacksmith has a lot of pre-made parts ready to account for the Jarl’s ever increasing belly size.

I am now armor class 20 by the way, 22 if I use Shield of Faith

The night before departing on the elf quest we were attached by some assassin, he killed most of the guards on his path and when we tried to interrogate him he committed suicide by aging quickly, funnily enough Cleric was able to revive the guy and reverse the aging, we used enhanced interrogation the stone of truth and we discovered he was sent by The Bloody eye apparently to kill our dwarven Warlock (the rest of us were slightly offended to be called collateral)

After the rude interruption to our beauty sleep we raised the alarm with the rest of the guards in the castle, their commander started barking orders to protect the Jarl and we just went back to bed.

Map of Merindal

The next day we decided to go to The Great Forest traveling on foot through Spirit Yard, later joining a company of men in charge of guarding a group that was to chop wood. We were supposed to follow Forest Road them with them until we reached the third checkpoint but lost a few men along the way and found the first checkpoint entirely engulfed in flames.

After parting ways with the company we decided to pursue the diplomatic approach and talk to the elves, at some point we got to a clearing, after getting a few arrows in us we shouted “We just want to talk” and next thing we knew was that we were surrounded but we managed to at least get the best of their curiosity and they didn’t kill us.

Elf, taken shamelessly from DnDBeyond

After a very weird talk we gathered that it was (human) hunting season, something The Queen of the Winter Court had declared on a whim. We also asked about the dragon in the Great Forest but apparently they didn’t know anything about it and suggested that we could go see auntie Mathilda if we were desperate. We were also warned to be careful with the changing of seasons (explained by the lines between our plane and the Fey wild being blurry in the forest) and given directions to auntie Mathilda‘s house.

That’s it for this session, we had heard about this woman before but from our information we think she is a hag, so it’ll be interesting to get information on the dragon without being hagged (they’re known to place very nasty curses)

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