Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 16)

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Last time we were at the hag’s auntie Mathilda‘s at The Great Forest

  • Hag Auntie Mathilda looks like a pretty elf and has a palace like mansion apparently, she tricked us into picking firewood, we had to fight dryads and awakened trees:
Dryad, taken shamelessly from DnDBeyond
Awakened tree
Awakened tree, taken shamelessly from DnDBeyond
  • We asked her about the dragon and she asked for a missing flower in her garden: The Winter’s pride in exchange for information. We agreed and she gave us a compass that points to the flower’s location. The queen of the Winter Court has it, so we have to steal it and on top of that if we blab about who sent us we’d lose a memory (our most precious one if we do it on purpose)
  • On the way to get the flower, we were annoyed by a quickling, it was content with me throwing it super far away (+8 Athletics thanks to the Belt of Hill Giant strength)
Quickling, taken from dandwiki
  • We finally got to some ice castle, Cleric fought a RedCap
Red Cap
RedCap, taken from Forgotten Realms
  • We sought an audience with The queen of the Winter Court and we got it, apparently she does things on a whim so we persuaded her to stop the “human hunting season”, she tried to become my patron (I’d collect memories for her), but I declined, she also had our barbarian kill someone she didn’t like, we asked about the dragon (his name is Gerald, and he likes to take human form: an old man who lives in a cabin), then our warlock made the dumb mistake of asking for the flower and we were rushed out
  • We ended up having warlock use his familiar Teal’c to steal the freaking flower, which caused the queen’s rage and a sudden storm originating from the ice castle, so we rushed back to the hag’s (now a crappy cottage with Red Cap gardeners), an ugly old lady receives us, takes the flower and destroys it. She says the compass will now point to the dragon and I was given a choice between and enchanted shield (+1) or a Shield of Missile Attraction (which is a cursed shield), I chose the enchanted one.

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