Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 17)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we were at the hag’s and about to look for Gerald the dragon

  • On our way, we set up camp and had weird dreams:
    • Our warlock’s patron god wants him to help Jarl Ragnar Gilden become king because he is the most corruptible
    • My patron god (Aztec god of war Huitzilopochtli) shows me a dream of me being king and leading an army against goblins (apparently I should honor my god by becoming king myself and fighting)
    • Our Barbarian had a dream about himself being chieftain of his tribe and prospering, apparently the king’s line should just end and everyone should go back to the wilderness
  • We fought some Displacer beasts
Displacer Beast
  • Cleric fell asleep and dreamed with Baldur (his god patron), he thinks the lost prince is the best choice for king
  • We camped with some guy called Orion, big elf like creature with antlers, bare chested and covered in tattoos, he came in followed by 3 elven archers, we had a feast and he boasted about hunting greater demons and other big prey, he’s going to the ice palace on behalf of the summer queen to announce the summer court is taking over
  • That night our Warlock’s familiar Teal’c sat on his master and informed him that his patron god (or mayor demon in this case) wants him to take out a rival demon affiliated warlock
  • The hunt for the rival warlock led us to a magical hedge maze, we fought a bunch of Barlgura
  • After dealing with the rival warlock, the hedge maze withered away and our warlock got a Ring of the Ram after we got some loot from what remained of the maze
Ring of the Ram

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