Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 18)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 18)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we were still standing on the remains of a magical maze and on our way to find Gerald the dragon

On our way to Gerald‘s some weird things happened:

  • Our warlock was turned into a white mouse for some reason and we saw some illusions (a dwarven orchestra of some sort), after walking for a bit he turned back into a dwarf
  • While camping, we met a couple of old even men that claimed their settlement was attacked by centaurs, turns out they were changelings and of course, we had to fight them and they became Oni:
  • We all had a dream where Gerald asked about our intentions and warned us against trying to take his hoard, to which we replied we were in need of his council, he agreed to meet us
  • We found Gerald at a cabin surrounded by beautiful scenery and a lake, a swarm of fairies guided us in. We talked with Gerald (in human form) and laid out the whole issue with the Jarl in Merindal, to which he replied he had fixed the issue a couple of years ago and was tires of human squabbling but agreed to join a summit if the other dragons agree to it
  • Apparently the sea dragon likes to fight pirates for righteous causes and another dragon lives at Mt Eldtungi, he likes to hang around some fire lizard people
  • We gave Gerald some dwarven minted gold for his hoard, which he liked and as thanks he offered to transport us anywhere we wanted as a gift (magically of course)
  • We decided to go back to Merindal, apparently it is summer now there, on our way there we found out some things (we were gone for a 7 months):
    • Merindal + Blauberg armies were marching over the capital
    • Jarl Ragnal Gilden had declared his territory as an independent Jarldom
    • There’s a problem with some Hobgoblins disrupting trade through the fjord
    • Topisa has been burned to the ground and some territories around have joined Silvone to the south
  • The Jarl’s son Richard (a 7 year old kid) is in charge now apparently. We reported on the elven problem to Dag the advisor and we claimed a reward, we also requested more “argument books” for the other dragons. While they were ready we rested at the castle
  • We received some warnings from the thieves’ guild, I found a note in my plate armor and our cleric found himself wearing some strange pearl bracelet

Our plan is to go to Blauberg, and session ends with us on a charter raft to Azur

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