Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 19)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we were on a chartered raft on our way to Azur (capital of Asuria)

Stuff’s happened:

  • We had a pre-session conversation with our DM, we wanted to name the raft’s captain Jack Sparrow but he did better and named him John Eagle
  • We docked somewhere and kept an eye out for people from the thieve’s gild, didn’t find anyone but found it amusing thet the locals were saying that perhaps the new Baron was “one of the good ones” since he hadn’t collected taxes yet (new Baron being our barbarian)
  • We stopped at a water lock guarded by some decently armored guards that were demanding “taxes for the new baron”, we fought them and reclaimed their loot collected taxes to be handed back to the people, captain John wasn’t into itbut we gave him some gold for his troubles
  • We found rafts wrecked at the next stop down the river, turns out we had to fight 2 water elementals, which almost waterboarded and slammed our cleric to death (luckily my strength buffs came in handy and I was able to keep him from drowning at least twice)
water elemental
  • The next stop was basically a deserted town, it was all wet and there were bodies everywhere, we confirmed our suspicions about who/what did this when we found 3 clay jars with warning labels – “Do not open, exotic creature inside” – 2 jars had been opened, so we decided to open the last one and finished off the last water elemental
  • Back at the inn, we raided the cellar and made stew. Our cleric played cards with captain John Eagle (they even rolled dice and everything), we went to bed after that
  • Our beauty sleep was interrupted during warlock’s turn to keep watch by some ghouls, that were attracted by the amount of dead bodies, after some crossbow action and some fighting (sadly I didn’t get to divine smite them) we finished them off
  • The next morning we piled all the bodies/ghoul leftovers together and attempted to start a fire first with cooking oil and then all the good liquor in the inn, warlock protested against the second option very strongly
  • At the next stop we had the option to continue down the river towards Azur or get off and take the road to Blauberg, we decided to go to Blauberg to avoid the siege at Azur
  • As we got to Blauberg, we found an inn in a nice part of the city called The Shaved Bear, which included a room, dinner, breakfast and a complimentary wine bottle

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