Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 20)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we had just arrived to Blauberg, stuff happened:

  • While we were having breakfast at our nice-ish inn, some guy came in and apparently put something in our meals because everyone in there and our cleric got paralyzed. Guy said that this was a warning from The Bloody Eye (hadn’t heard about those guys in a while), Jarl Langskeggi was dead now, so the bounty on our heads was off and we were not to pursue them or do anything stupid, we said “Ok” and he left
  • Barbarian was about to carry cleric on his shoulder to the closest healer, but I just used Lay on Hands to get him back to normal
  • Cleric and me made the stupid mistake of trying to help everyone at the inn with magic (knowing full well that people all over Asuria are very magic intolerant), which led us to hurry to the docs and buy a very old fishing boat at the docks while some ungrateful bastard went to report us to the inquisition
  • Before leaving the docks we were approached by some priest from the temple of Umberlee, the god of the ocean, he wanted us to retrieve some relics from a nearby temple or take them back if hobgoblins already had stolen them. As we waited for some letter he would bring to us the inquisition came along and we bullsh!t-ed our way out and made use of Jarl Banani‘s do whatever you want special permission badges/pendants. We then set sail to cross the fjord
  • While crossing a group of hobgoblins attempted to board our ship and we had to fight them, our warlock wiped out half of them with his initial attack: 4th level Shatter, we sank their long boat and stole liberated some weapons and supplies after the fight
  • We reached Akua across the fjord, paid our fees at the pier and went to some inn called The Brawling Beaver, which had a half-orc bouncer at the entrance who asked if someone was looking for a fight, to which our barbarian half-jokingly replied “yes, why not” and next thing we know he was getting registered for some fights at the arena
  • Cleric and me both helped our barbarian with a combination of Bless, Cure Wounds, Lay on Hands and Aid through fights with Slim Pete (a tall muscular elf with a mohawk and an eye patch), Alfred the Drunk (a very drunk halfling that could turn into a bear) and Sarah Firefist (a female brawler whose feet caught fire when she kicked). After loosing the last fight, our friend got a lot of free beer and an offer to bodyguard, which he declined
  • After waking up to a minefield of drunk people at the inn and having breakfast we proceeded to sell all the loot liberated weapons and armors we had at the market

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