Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 21)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 21)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we were at the town square in Akua, stuff happened on this week’s session:

  • We read some interesting announcements on a notice board:
    • Akua is independent from Asuria
    • Apparently the Hobgoblins are part of prince Ragnar Gilden‘s armada now
    • Magic is no longer considered heresy or illegal in Akua
    • The prince of Akua is looking for magic users for the betterment of Akua , there is a magic school at Silas’ Estate, students will receive a stipend for their families
    • Mother Olga requests help, children have disappeared from St Claire’s Orphanage
  • We decided to help with the missing children and headed to the orphanage, we discovered some scratch marks but no one seemed to have heard or noticed anything, the same had been happening at The orphanage of the Sleeping God, but some kid mentioned having slept quite deeply those nights , which made us suspect magic was involved, since there were kids still living in the orphanage we asked the person in charge (father Mateo) to let us spend the night and lay a trap, our cleric came up with the idea of using a Glyph of warding
  • While gathering the ingredients to prepare for the night we though potions of healing could come in handy, so after looking for them without luck we decided to go to the magic school (they would probably had some), upon arrival we were led in by guards and some guy named Charles (I was disappointed because his surname was not Xavier) insisted on us meeting some committee after measuring our magical power with some device
  • Turns out we were ambushed by a group of cultists and a Succubus, which drained our Barbarian, we noticed that whenever we killed one of the cultists their blood was gathered at the center of the room
Chain Devil

Spined Devil
  • After the fight (lots of smitting, it was fun) we bound and gagged one of the cultists for interrogation, he revealed that his group was gathering magic users to extract their powers and summon all kinds of fiends, when asked about the children he said that he didn’t know the details but prince Ragnar Gilden is definitely involved. We also found out that there were some people kept in a dungeon and we went to liberate them, after that we escorted them back to the city
  • We went back to The Sleeping God’s orphanage for Cleric to prepare for the aforementioned plan

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