Mexican Food (Part 2)

This is a bit of a follow-up on my previous rant on Mexican food and its representation abroad, see the previous entry, since last time I’ve tried to show “the way” to my Norwegian friends and I thought it would be nice to document the process.

I’ve also written about food during some holidays, see:

The first time I cooked something remotely close to real Mexican food had to wait until I got a care package, after Christmas-New Year’s, it contained some traditional sweets (long gone by the time of writing of this entry), some Mezcal (I like to describe the flavor as “smoked” Tequila) and some flasks of Mole and an assortment of dry peppers

The first time I shared some of my country’s food with some friends, we made Enchiladas de Mole, deep fried white corn tortillas, stuffed with chicken, covered in mole, sour cream, cheese and onion

Just yesterday we made Tacos dorados, which is something you’d get from mom back home (huge shout out to my mom), we rolled some boiled potato or chicken with some diced onion and coriander into a white corn tortilla taco, then deep fried and covered in sour cream, lettuce, cheese and salsa:

Of course the salsa was quite important and had to be mom-approved. I used Chile Guajillo, Chile Pasilla and Chile Ancho, some garlic, onions and tomatos, basically threw everything on a pan for a while and then in the blender. I also made some Guacamole

Food was very good, I’m planning on sharing more in the future

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  1. @lopeztel, my wife and I had our honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas. We tell people we had the best and worst Mexican food there. 😆 Worst was at our hotel, and we could tell it was terribly Americanized. The best was at the end of a guided nature hike. It was definitely a thing for tourists as they gave us samples of tequila and demonstrated the traditional way to make tortillas. But they served the very best chicken mole and refríes beans we’ve ever had.

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