Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 22)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 22)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last time we were about to sleep at The Sleeping God’s Orphanage, stuff that happened:

  • We slept in shifts waiting for the trap to be activated, at some point during the night, Cleric’s glyph of warding activated and trapped a White Abishai but we didn’t account for the warlock that came with him, he managed to trap Cleric, me and two kids into a ring of fire. It was sad that the kids died but we managed to kill the warlock and the demon
White Abishai
  • After filling up the hole left by Cleric’s trap we found a necklace on the warlock, with markings that matched the symbol of Shar, the goddess of darkness and loss, Father Mateo said that Shar is the god that Prince Ragnar Gilden worships and that there is a shrine dedicated to her within the palace, so we headed there
  • To get in the palace, our Cleric lied through his teeth and said we were there to pay our respects and offer some blood sacrifice, which the guards and some priest believed, they let us into the shrine and we explored for a bit: altar, living quarters, reading room and some wardrobe room (we thought it would be funny to stash the orphanage warlock’s head there) where we found some robes and put them on to blend in with the cultists, after a while, our warlock’s familiar Teal’C alerted us about a lot of people going into an apparently small mausoleum
  • Turns out we had to get Teal’C to tailgate one of the guys going in to discover how to find a path/staircase (put a bloody dagger in a crack somewhere), that led to a booby trapped hall (poison gas cloud) and then to a big circular room where a ceremony was happening, we blended in and saw someone had a couple of kinds in chains and they were probably being used as sacrifices to summon some devil, we decided to rescue them (we were still sore about the ones that died)
  • We got close to them but at some point the head priest close to the altar started twitching and said that there was a follower of Bhaal in their midst (our Warlock), which we took as an opportunity to act, so we had our warlock distract all the cultists in front with Hypnotic pattern while we grabbed head priest, the kids, their handlers and retreat into a room at the back, which happened to be a dungeon with more kids
  • We were debating how to best deal with the current situation in the dungeon when we heard something happening outside, apparently all the cultists in the room had killed each other and there were only 7 left, so we decided to go out and fight, the accumulated blood started to glow and summoned a Hydroloth, which was fun to fight because I got to use good ol’ Divine Smite and Divine Sense (when it became invisible)
  • After the fight our Warlock was instructed by his patron god Bhaal to step in the glowing blood circle and granted him a favor, +65hp and 1 9th level spell for the next hour (this led to a lengthy discussion on which spells were the best and how to make best use of the time we had), then we hastily interrogated head priest about prince Ragnar’s whereabouts to which he said that the prince was probably in the dinning room “stuffing his face”. We decided to get the kids out of the mausoleum and have them hide in the gardens while we went after the prince (my character, being a Paladin was not too happy with this plan)
  • This time, to get in the palace, it was Warlock that lied to the guards saying that we were there to report on the ritual results to the prince (we were still wearing cultist robes), they let us in and then straight to the dinning room, where the obscenely obese prince was really “stuffing his face”, we thought it would be poetic justice for him to be killed by a demon, so our Warlock used his 9th level spell slot to cast summon greater demon and have Glabrezu kill the prince and his guards (the fat prince was the first to die), we had to stay within a protective circle because Glabrezu could wiggle his way out of our Warlock’s control at any given time (we were lucky this didn’t happen), session ended with him going on a killing spree at the palace

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