Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 23, 24 and 25)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 23, 24 and 25)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry, and since I’ve been lazy, this is going to be a triple session post…

Last time we let Glabrezu loose in the palace, this is what has happened so far:

  • While Glabrezu did his thing, we decided to go get the kids we left at the gardens close to the mausoleum. On our way out of the palace we saw a procession of hobgoblins coming in with some chests and around 27 slaves in tow, we decided not to fight them and escorted the children back to their corresponding orphanages: St Claire’s and The Sleeping God’s
  • After resting at The Brawling Beaver we thwarted an attempt from the thieves’ guild to steal my sword and headed back to the palace, upon arrival guards refused to let us through because the prince had forbidden entry, since we know he’s dead, we decided to investigate further so we had Warlock disguise himself as a guard to sneak in and go in the shrine, apparently the head priest didn’t know anything about summoning devils but we found some suspicious warlocks in one of the reading rooms, upon defeat the one we didn’t kill revealed that hobgoblins were allies of their cult and he pointed us to the head of “religious affairs”
  • We also decided to interrogate the guys we left at the secret room at the mausoleum, we thought it would be funny to bless them before we killed them (being demon worshiping cultists), after that we headed to the castle, Warlock (still disguised as a guard) pretended to take us to the dungeons, we failed to convince some hobgoblins at the main gate, so we were forced to fight, which didn’t go unnoticed by other human guards but we bullshited our way in by shouting that the hobgoblins had killed the prince and used the commotion as a distraction to get in
  • After making our way to the dungeons we had to break the iron doors using Warlock’s Ring of the Ram and liberated some slaves, funnily enough we ran into Sarah Walker, the state sanctioned magic user from before (we met her at the House Langskeggi Jarldom, we were dealing with a necromancer at the time), apparently she had been captured months ago, we tasked her with escorting the other prisoners to safety (she mentioned something about bringing down walls) while we searched the castle
  • We also found ourselves fighting an Hobgoblin Iron Shadow in the wine cellar (jokes about the wine brand “Casillero del diablo” were made)
Iron Shadow
  • Afterwards, we went back to the upper floors and went looking for the throne room (we noticed Sarah casting some spells on the walls)
  • On our way up the castle we went through some rooms (we killed a hobgoblin that managed to knock our Barbarian unconscious, he had a letter stating that hobgoblins were setting camp at the Grand Isle and raiding without interference from prince Ragnar Gilden), we also killed some that were looting around, we stole a map of the isles from the castle’s kitchen (which was an interesting place to put a map ¯\(ツ)/¯ ), we also killed a Hobgoblin Devastator in the throne room, this one had another letter stating that hbs were to stay away from the coastline and mountains to the northeast, something was destroying their longboats there (Elvsund, which is coincidentally where a priest wanted us to go get a relic from before sailing on Old Skipper’s boat)
Hobgoblin Devastator
  • After that, a fireball cast during our previous fight started to consume the throne room, so we left as guards were rushing to try to put off the fire. We then went to the docks to pay our fees and back to The Brawling Beaver to watch the fireworks and have a long rest. At this point we leveled up. I’m a level 8 Paladin and I acquired the feat: Shield Master
  • The following morning we sailed to Elvsund, from the distance we noticed sulfur smell and 3 longboats wrecks at the docks, when we finally docked and upon closer inspection, we noticed bloodstains everywhere, so we decided to investigate around the town, after finding some corpses (dead for a week now, according to Barbarian), we heard a creaking noise in one of the nearby houses, we went inside and fought a Horned Devil, I Divine Smited the hell out of it
Horned Devil
  • Apparently there were still some survivors around because as soon as we finished the fight we could hear someone shouting for help, this person asked for our help rescuing people that were trapped in the temple, so we decided to head there, on our way something flew towards us and attacked, this time a Bone Devil, which we also took care of it
Bone Devil
Black Abishai


Sentient Ooze

Now, that was a long post… Session ends with us at the dungeon, still exploring

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