Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 26)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 26)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Last session ended with us trying to rescue some people from a temple at Elvsund, this happened:

  • We found some armor decorated with a crest: two waves parting ways from the middle (this is the same crest everywhere in the temple)
symbol of Umbrelee
  • Our Barbarian made an exception and wore it because it seemed important, we are also thinking that the priest back in Akua wanted us to get relics from Umberlee
  • We found it most curious that Teal’c (our Warlock’s familiar) was in a lot of pain at some point so we tried to find the source of the magic, we suspected something was blessed or the like but we couldn’t find the source
  • We continued exploring the dungeon and fought some Barbed devils
Barbed devil
  • On that note, I’ve found out that the Shield Master feat combined with Belt of Hill Giant Strength is awesome because of all the shoving to prone I did
  • We also got to fight some cultists (again, Shield Master feat is super useful against the Fireball DEX check) and an Orthon
  • We also noticed that the room where we defeated the Orthon had a statue of Umberlee without bracers, armor and bracers (missing relics?)
  • We found a door that pushed Cleric back a few meters and caused pain to Teal’c (caused radiant damage), so we tampered with the runes creating the ward and we got past the door, which revealed 4 guards protecting the town’s people. Barbarian gave back the honor guard armor he was wearing and the guards told us that they had caught the minister of religious affairs from Akua so we proceeded to interrogate him
  • After an interrogatory (think Batman, the dark knight) and a monologue about being the man behind it all and using prince Ragnar Gilden as a puppet and empty promises of power and magic items we revealed to him that a devil killed the prince (totally our doing) and then Cleric proceeded to bless the guy (since he liked devils/demons too much) and I chopped his head off (I’m Oath of Vengeance, remeber ?), finally avenging the dead children from both St Claire’s and The Sleeping God’s orphanages
  • After escorting the town’s people out of the dungeon/temple the guards told us that they’d be taking Umberlee‘s relics to an undisclosed location, they thanked us for our help and told us we’d be welcome at any other Umberlee temple by using the phrase “The fish are happy in the waves” (we’d be offered board and room for a short period). We bid farewell and they sail off

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