Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 27)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 27)

After a really long summer break and as a followup to my previous entry

Having said our goodbyes to the Umberlee devotees, we set sail to hobgoblin-base island (that’s how I’m calling it). Our initial impression of the island was… It had been f*ed up real bad: there were a lot of longships (trident flag and everything similar to the one hobgoblin ship we sank a while back), the village we docked at had been burned and only the walls of some hoses remained, our barbarian saw some human corpses on pikes (Vlad Tepes style)

After a while we found a dirt road to a fortress (smoke was coming out of it) we saw while we were sailing, we happily marched for a bit until our barbarian was almost skewered by a giant arrow that came out of a giant crossbow, held by an ogre. All of a sudden we were surrounded by goblins and dire wolves

Our tactics were simple but effective, take cover behind charred walls to avoid goblin and ogre arrows while taking out the dire wolves one by one. Some fun facts about the fight:

  • apparently the ogre was trying to smack us around with a bear trap he was holding 0_o
  • after the fight we spent some time debating whether or not barbarian or me would be able to yield ogre arrows as a lance
  • Barbarian tried to put the ogre’s corpse on pikes

On our way to the fortress we heard some voices and Cleric used some spell (I call it “cleric translate”), apparently some ogres were having a good time so we decided to crash the party… We interrupted the weirdest barbecue ever: one of the ogres was wearing a chef’s hat, and another 5 were wearing crudely made armor (one had slightly fancier armor and spoke common, so we assumed that was the captain), next to them was a cage holding some terrifiedd human prisoners

After some bulshit story about us collecting taxes on behalf of the king and the ogres not giving a damn, fighting happened, I think we outsmarted our DM because Warlock used [Hypnotic pattern] to leave the ogres drooling for a while, ogre chef dropped his stew and managed to wake one of them, again we could take them out one by one. Some highlight of this fight:

  • As a reaction, Warlock managed to negate the ogre captain’s only spell, which was supposed to cover a wide areand deal some heavy damage, at the same time and also as a reaction, Barbarian managed to sneak in a hit to the ogre. So he wass basically denied and got wacked
  • While we were dealing with the ogres, Warlock’s familiar Teal’c was fiddling around with some keychain taken from the first ogre we killed and trying to free the prisoners, the fact that a little demon got close to them didn’t help their terrified state

After the fight we released the prisoners, they told us that they had been offered as tributes to the ogres after the hobgoblins took the island and the fortress, we suggested they went back to the village (what was left of it), take a boat and sail away, the happily accepted our suggestion

We also found some spice chests (because ogre chef was a fancy chef I guess), and decided to continue on our path to the fortress, which now has the familiar trident flag at the top of a tower

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