Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 28)

As usual this is a follow-up on a previous entry

Our last session ended with us investigating Hobgoblin island and heading to the fortress, fun things happened:

  • We found some monk-y or bard looking ogre, he was wearing eastern clothes and was playing a flute, incense and everything, when our cleric approached, he presented himself in a pompous manner and told us his mission was to oversee the operation here. Also mentioned the Ogres helped the hobgoblins take the castle and something about being trained by the great masters of the east and something like: “So, you challenge me to honorable duel, as you wish”
  • As soon as we stepped closer, we were transported to the top of a mountain by some miracle (the landscape changed, we were surrounded by cherry blossoms all of a sudden)… this battle was hard and kind of made up for the last session’s “easy” fights
  • Things started to go badly when our dwarven warlock summoned an earth elemental and then lost concentration so it attacked us. The ogre also summoned some hobgoblins. In the end we managed to win (barbarian almost died) and he said: “you win, you were worthy opponents, beware of the Wyvern”
  • Then we proceeded to fight a Wyvern, which proved to be much less of a challenge, barbarian and I killed it before it could attack us (we both landed critical attacks, it was awesome)
  • Fun moment when barbarian failed the nature roll and harvested from the Wyvern’s testicles rather than the stinger on its tail XD
  • After that, we found out that we were transported to some pocket dimension that was at some point inhabited by cloud giants, took some exploring and scroll reading but we found the way to get back to hobgoblin island

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