Making a bluetooth split keyboard part 2

This is a followup on a previous entry

It has been a while since I last wrote about this but I’ve been busy:

Flashing the first nRFmicro

The very fist attempt at flashing the bootloader to my nRFmicro board failed miserably because I botched some pins on the main module so I used this as an excuse and bought Pine64’s hammerhead kit to repair my soldering poor job, which seemed to work

After this, mass erasing and flashing was possible and went smoothly:

Keyboard Assembly

The rest of the process was just about waiting for components and assembling

Final Product


I chose to use ZMK firmware for my keyboard and the setup is quite straightforward, as described in their website, the best part is that no local environment is needed and nRFmicro is supported out of the box

Next I’m going to be playing around with the keymap 😀

Day 19 of my 2020’s

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