Weird things happen when you selfhost your blog (edit)

Interesting, I managed to screw up my blog. Logging in is impossible through a web browser, I get the message: 502 Bad Gateway nginx This happened after messing around with the WP Reset plugin, apparently I deleted some custom table I shouldn’t have… Funnily enough I am still able to use the android app to… Continue reading Weird things happen when you selfhost your blog (edit)

Can’t sleep so I decided to test Indigenous app to publish on my indieweb enabled WordPress blog …

Convenience vs Privacy (Round 2)

Context For a while now I’ve been trying to find ways to convey the risks of social media and the importance of privacy to my non-tech savvy family members, in a previous entry I went over getting away from WhatsApp (Facebook really) and using element connected to my own self hosted synapse server. The Social… Continue reading Convenience vs Privacy (Round 2)