Thank you yunohost

Ever since I started looking into the Fediverse, FOSS/FLOSS, privacy and self-hosting I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging and helpful the community can be. As an example: in Fosstodon all my interactions have been very nice, from sharing random unrelated stuff to asking for advice on more technical matters everyone has always been helpful… Continue reading Thank you yunohost

Some thoughts on consumerism

I like to keep up to date with the latest news on the consumer electronics market (newest phones, laptops and processors) and lately I’ve found myself thinking: “That looks like a great phone/laptop, I should get it”. Then the thought that usually follows is “Maybe I don’t really need it” That’s the thing, media constantly… Continue reading Some thoughts on consumerism

Mexico – Quality of life and different perspectives

OK, I am guilty of scrolling through Facebook even though I am on the Fediverse… I simply keep it because everyone else I care about does, anyway, on to the important stuff: Every once in a while I see something worthwhile there, this time I saw two very interesting posts close to each other (in… Continue reading Mexico – Quality of life and different perspectives

The journey to self-hosting (on a Raspberrypi 4)

Ever since discovering the Fediverse and reading toots from awesome people in Fosstodon, a little idea started to take shape in my head: perhaps its not that hard to self host, there are tons of tutorials and resources out there…And I need some alternative to google photos to share albums with my family back home… Continue reading The journey to self-hosting (on a Raspberrypi 4)

My not so new job

As mentioned in a previous entry, I started a new job in Norway last year, here are my thoughts so far: First of all, a couple of interviews related to my position took place 3 weeks before my Master’s thesis was due, all that can be said about that is: lots of excitement, I remember… Continue reading My not so new job

Nice gestures

Having being abroad and back home 2 times in the last 3 years have taught me that living in Mexico makes you take some things for granted: Family Excellent food Friends Let’s just say that personal interactions have been… different, but not in a bad way. I was always a bit of an oddball, antisocial… Continue reading Nice gestures

Linux and Art mix

I just felt the need to document my latest Linux issues: First, some context, I like painting with watercolor and have been doing it for quite a while now but in the last couple of years material such as paper (I used Arches 300g) has become quite expensive, which made me think that perhaps it… Continue reading Linux and Art mix

Some thoughts about convenience and COVID-19

I was just recently thinking given the recent COVID-19 situation, the world is not ready to prioritize what is really important. It feels like no one really notices importance of services like running water, electricity and above all medical care. What I see on the news nowadays leads me to believe that no one really… Continue reading Some thoughts about convenience and COVID-19