My nerdy wallpaper

Just recently I found an interesting package in AUR, it’s called pacwall. Since I use Manjaro the installation quite simple through pacman or pamac. The goal is simple, to have a visual representation of your installed packages and their dependencies. for more information and how to use it consult the repo I just typed: pacwall… Continue reading My nerdy wallpaper

Migration to WordPress

In recent days I’ve been busy trying to get my blog up and running on my cheapo Raspberry Pi + Yunohost server setup. The process was fun, so here’s a blog entry about migrating my blog (blogception?) from a writefreely instance to my self hosted wordpress instance. Why though? To put it simply: because I… Continue reading Migration to WordPress

Progress report on a more FOSS/FLOSS, decentralized digital life

For context, let me refer to my very first entry, the idea was basically looking for alternatives, so here’s the long awaited progress report: Changes already in place Using Mastodon instead of Twitter Using Pixelfed instead of Instagram (On Android) Using NewPipe instead of YouTube, this one is quite cool, it has all the features… Continue reading Progress report on a more FOSS/FLOSS, decentralized digital life

My Raspberry Pi server with yunohost

I will try to make this entry resemble a tutorial, hopefully this ends up being useful to someone. Why start over? I had been playing around with Open Media Vault before (see this entry for details), but it was mainly based on docker images and I could never get Nextcloud up and running (the closest… Continue reading My Raspberry Pi server with yunohost

Thank you yunohost

Ever since I started looking into the Fediverse, FOSS/FLOSS, privacy and self-hosting I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging and helpful the community can be. As an example: in Fosstodon all my interactions have been very nice, from sharing random unrelated stuff to asking for advice on more technical matters everyone has always been helpful… Continue reading Thank you yunohost

Some thoughts on consumerism

I like to keep up to date with the latest news on the consumer electronics market (newest phones, laptops and processors) and lately I’ve found myself thinking: “That looks like a great phone/laptop, I should get it”. Then the thought that usually follows is “Maybe I don’t really need it” That’s the thing, media constantly… Continue reading Some thoughts on consumerism

Mexico – Quality of life and different perspectives

OK, I am guilty of scrolling through Facebook even though I am on the Fediverse… I simply keep it because everyone else I care about does, anyway, on to the important stuff: Every once in a while I see something worthwhile there, this time I saw two very interesting posts close to each other (in… Continue reading Mexico – Quality of life and different perspectives

The journey to self-hosting (on a Raspberrypi 4)

Ever since discovering the Fediverse and reading toots from awesome people in Fosstodon, a little idea started to take shape in my head: perhaps its not that hard to self host, there are tons of tutorials and resources out there…And I need some alternative to google photos to share albums with my family back home… Continue reading The journey to self-hosting (on a Raspberrypi 4)