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  • Gnome Nord theme install script

    I’ll start this post by saying that I have a thing for the Nord theme, every time I clean install a system I go through the trouble of applying the theme to everything, which got me thinking that I could automate most of it, at least for my gnome installs. More info on Nord theme […]

  • Fooling around with bash scripts 2

    This is a follow-up to my previous entries: Fooling around with bash scripts, which I used as a base for Migration from Google Photos to Nextcloud and Piwigo Since some of my old picture albums have old .mov, .mpg and .avi videos in them I decided to also convert them to .mp4 (piwigo can show […]

  • Fooling around with bash scripts

    I thought I would share 2 shell scripts that I’ve found useful, the first one allows me to to use my DSLR camera as a webcam and the second one allows me to batch resize and optimize images Using DSLR as webcam This is probably most useful in COVID-19 times, found it a while back […]

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