DnD Wednesday, our quest continues.

As usual this is a followup on the previous entry

First of all I advanced to level 4 (woot!), here are some of the session highlights:

  • As we headed back to The Weary Traveler we stayed at one of the Inns the skeletons had been building. Our Cleric had a vision of a “beautiful naked man” (apparently his patron god is Baldur) saying there’s a gift for him waiting and shows him flashes of an unfinished bridge (one that the skeletons were building), a field and a round room. Our Warlock had a vision of a mountain range, a dwarven tomb like structure with a dwarf doing steel work and some dwarf woman screaming.
  • As we continued traveling west we stayed at another empty Inn, one of the skeletons tried to get us to sign a contract to own and manage the Inn (he could answer yes/no questions and shrug, quite smart for an undead), we agreed to take the contract and find an owner.
  • Our Barbarian is able to talk to animals so just for fun we decided to get a mouse to take over the Inn, needless to say it didn’t agree and had quite a mouth on him. (Snowhite would be sad)
  • We found out that the path shown to out Cleric was indeed across that half finished bridge we had seen before so we went there and discovered that the field in his vision was magically protected and actually a marsh with a tower in the middle.
  • We fought a warlock that seemed to be guarding the tower, he was really annoying, casting sleeps spells all the time and poofing (teleporting) back and forth every time we dealt some damage to him. Later found out that his name was Knut, Alfred Martin‘s apprentice.
  • Found a Frankenstein-like lab with 6 members of the Prouncing Roosters with their skull’s open and hooked up to some machine… Some papers on a desk seemed to suggest someone was trying to create a mesh network of undead to control much more. (Did I mention all of us are engineers? 🙂 ), we reported this back to the state sanctioned mage lady that gave us the “chase after Alfred Martin quest” using a Magical Walkie-Talkie a set of candles and some apparatus that let’s us communicate with her (Think Darth Sithious’ hologram in Star Wars). Apparently she’ll send some people over to investigate
  • Found Cleric’s gift hidden behind some bricks in the tower’s Library: a necklace that grants the user 3 “Bless Spells”, “Branding Smite” and “Wind Walk” (This one is kind of like “Fly” in the Pokemon games)
  • Found some notes that point to Alfred Martin is plotting with Jarl Sigur to make him the new King of Asuria, information which we relayed back to mage lady.
  • We found a parapet in the second last floor of the tower, there was a chair there that attacked when our Warlock sat on it, funnily enough, that chair got all his hit points when he was basically the one that dealt the most damage to Knut…
  • Last floor of the tower contained a map of magic ley lines, most ley lines were crossing Grong Dumathoin (the ancient dwarven temple Alfred Martin was headed to), Asuria’s great tree (the one with the most ley lines crossing) and a Volcano.
  • We finished the session at The Weary traveler, got the Innkeeper to take ownership of the skeleton made one and had some brandy.

That’s it for this week’s session.

Day 33 of

As usual DnD wednesday, we only went to the office to play because, you know… priorities 😛

As usual, this is a followup to the previous entry

As I advanced to level 3, I realized that a Paladin Oath is chosen at this point, it affects the spells you can cast and even your role-playing I guess. That doesn’t make sense without a proper character description, I have to say that to be original I added certain Mexican cultural traits to my character, here it is:

NameTenoch of the noble house Titlán (word play for the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán)
AlignmentNeutral Good
Holy SymbolImage of Huitzilopochtli on shield (Aztec god of war)
Chosen OathOath of Vengeance (duh , god of war… so it was either this one or Conquest)
Some of my favorite spells so farShield of Faith, Bless, Hunter’s Mark, Cure Wounds

Having described my character properly, on with the events of this session:

  • We took some time to level up at our inn: The Weary Traveler, our barbarian grew attached to his new great axe, our warlock summoned a familiar, I chose an oath and cleric just got drunk apparently. We took shifts to sleep because we didn’t trust the skeletons from last time to only build at night but apparently that’s all they did.
  • We started traveling to Seeder’s Spring to find this mysterious obstacle for our local rogue mage Alfred Martin’s undead rising plan.
  • On our way we found an empty inn being rebuilt by very diligent skeletons, we raided the pantry for rations 😀
  • Found some random flying mage hobgoblin being downed by a Griffin (weird) He was carrying some letter saying that a new admiral at sea requested an audience with the king under the mountain. We think this guy could be one of the ogres involved in a quest we declined for the undead investigation.
  • When we arrived at Seeder’s Spring we found some fortifications around the city with a bunch of knights getting ready for battle with the undead, which apparently are only attacking that place. These guys are the knightly order of the Raven Queen (Local deity preventing the dead to be risen), they are led by Leon de Dunois, a very colorful character.
  • We decided to pay our respects to the Raven Queen and my charisma prayers got me a temporary blessed sword to fight the undead
  • Long story short: we fought skeletons, zombies (of various sizes), whites and something like a white mage boss guy to defend the city, lots of fun, Divine Smiting, using our warlock’s familiar (turned into a raven) to fool Leon into helping us in the final fight (we had to keep him alive just for him to keep foolishly charging and asking if we needed medical assistance)
  • Our warlock got called by his patron and given some staff and as thanks for defending the city I was given a sword called Beak, which was blessed by the Raven Queen.
  • As a bonus and part of one of our many side quests, we found out that some of the zombies were part of The Prouncing Roosters‘ scout party and retrieved their notebooks for gold from their boss information about the undead.

That was it for this session.

Day 31 of

Wednesday was DnD night as usual. But before that something funny about priorities: At our workplace we are allowed to do home office at our own discretion, almost all the party members are using that benefit but we all show up at the office on Wednesdays because it is DnD night and we usually just play in a meeting room 😀

As usual this is a followup to the previous entry

This session was more of a “clear the dungeon” type, some interesting things happened:

  • Started off at the entrance of an ancient dwarven tomb belonging to King Burlock: the settler of grudges
  • Fought a bunch of dwarven skellies (nobles, heroes or commoners), courtesy of our current quest target rogue warlock/necromancer Alfred Martin
  • Found some health potions, assorted acid vials, holy water, a cool pink magic stone thingy (we still don’t know what it is but Cleric took it) and a map that leads to Karas Karak, an ancient dwarven fortress that’s supposed to have massive loot incalculable cultural heritage value.
  • Mistook a guardian statue for a dungeon boss in the tomb’s Hall of remembrance so we buffed up (I am now using my 2 paladin spell slots appropriately, my choices were Shield of Faith and Bless) to discover our attacks were useless and we could just walk past the statue <insert table flip emoji here>, also found some cool runes that seemed to protect some noble dwarves from becoming undead (Our warlock took note)
  • Apparently King Burlock himself had become undead but retained some will power, which prevented him from attacking nearby villages or farms. I Divine Smite’d the hell out of him put him to rest respectfully while our Warlock snuck past the fight to read the king’s book of grudges. We asked Casper the now friendly ghost for directions on our map, he gifted a great magical axe to our Barbarian and then disappeared
  • Our DM heavily hinted that we needed a safe place to level up so we went outside just to find one of Alfred Martin’s minions, who warned us not to mess with him, his patron and their project, then proceeded to offer us a job (because why not?) which we pretended to be interested in because it involved something we potentially could use against them can be found at Seeder’s Spring (bottom-right corner of our map). We tried to kill the guy but instead we took a beating and he disappeared.
  • We got back to The Weary Traveler just to find our halfling innkeeper scratching his head because the place was crawling with skeletons that are now rebuilding everything (this is weird). Funnily enough the inn was deemed a “safe place” and we long rested there to level up.

That was it for this session, I’ll try to get the map I mentioned, we only have a physical copy and our Warlock didn’t share it yet.

Day 29 of

Wednesday November 11 (yes, fitting, we celebrated single’s day by playing DnD 😛 ). As usual this entry build on the previous one.

In the map we are at the bottom slightly to the right.

Some of the interesting things that happened:

  • After a good night’s sleep at our inn “The Raging Ram” in the city “Nossa”, our party left to pick up our newly silvered weapons from the local blacksmith (in preparation to fight the undead, which we heard were roaming in the east and one of our quests leads us there, something about finding a rogue mage).
  • Went to the encampment of the mercenary group “The prouncing roosters” and were offered 2 jobs: one was to convince either the raiding ogre Goldfang or one of his captains to join the group (or “deal” with him if he refuses), the other was to find missing members of the group that headed east on scouting missions (or their journals if they were undead).
  • In preparation for our journey to “Topisa” in the east, we bought 2 noble mules, their names are: Oscar and Napoleon III (don’t know what happened to the first 2 Napoleons).
  • In Topisa we stayed at “The Broken Wagonwheel”, heard that the undead attacked a farm called “Darkfalls” 2 days ride sway from there, so naturally we headed there and stayed at “The Weary Traveler” (funny that these 2 inns were owned by halflings and they seemed cheerful despite te undead threat).
  • We were ambushed at night by a group of skeletons, saved the bar keeper and the inn so we were told to drink as much ale as we wanted and the remainder of our stay was on the house. We noticed that the skeletons belonged to dwarves, innkeeper casually mentioned a grave complex nearby as well.
  • On our way to the farm we were attacked by a were-rat sent by the ring leader we sent an ogre to in the last session, we tried interrogating him but he didn’t want to talk (Our barbarian squished his head)
  • Upon arrival at the farm everything was burnt and we didn’t find anything but were attacked by a dyre wolf some wolves at night.
  • We went to the dwarven grave complex: “The tomb of King Burlock, the settler of grudges”, admired the architecture, went into the dungeon. As now I know what my abilities are I divine smite’d the sh*t out of a gargoyle and thenn we fought some weird shadows

And that’s were the summary ends. I now own a player’s handbook, paladin spell cards, 2 dice sets and a laser cut dice tower (courtesy of one of my friends) 🙂

Today’s loot, I love the artwork on this book!

I’ll try to find some time to make a doodle, kind of want to create some kind of comic, we’ll see…

EDIT: I was able to create a doodle in Krita, cartoons are definitely not my style

Awesome paladin doodle

Day 27 of

Last wednesday was Dungeons and Dragons day, so here’s my corresponding blog entry before the next session, this builds up on my previous entry:

After some dice rolling to increase hit points for my paladin (didn’t know about this or that I could use “Lay on hands” my level x5 times or even use the big ol’ “Divine Smite”, big fail on my side). Some shenanigans:

We started off at the sewer dungeon, where we were on a stakeout trying to investigate this were-rat problem but nothing happened, so we decided to take a bath in the river before attempting to enter our inn (we were refused before for stinking, we spent a night in the sewer so that’s understandable).

A baker payed us with a (big) Pretzel for bringing the news of his wife’s death.

Our barbarian got his maze repaired after lying about the grey ooze incident, he told the blacksmith he had just slayed giant acidic rats

We remembered finding some note about some warehouse in the previous dungeon so we tried investigating it but were stopped by some yellow guards, after that, we got a job that involved “relocating” rats cargo in another warehouse, this time protected by red guards so we got our dwarf-warlock-necromancer to distract them by taking a leak in front of them (as explained before, people in Asuria are kind of racist), then loosing them somewhere, we quickly dealt with our job.

Said dwarf himself very useful once more by disguising himself as the yellow guards’ big burly captain man to sneak us in the warehouse we wanted to investigate, we also avoided battle with an ogre stacking crates inside, we got burly captain man to fool him into thinking he had been awarded employee of the month for his good work and after clearing some hidden dungeon where we killed a were-rat man with a labcoat (he packed quite a punch) we sent him to get his employee of the month prize, which ended on a rampage across the town and killing most of the enemies we were supposed to deal with ourselves .. Our DM was impressed with this development.

Turns out we avoided most of the fighting by being clever and most of the day’s session was about some plot to turn the townpeople into were-rats but for now we think we drove away the person behind everything, we’ll see…

Day 26 of

It’s been two weeks since I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with some colleagues from work (Wednesdays 5 PM), I thought it would be fun to share some of our weird experiences so far:

We started on a carriage on our way to the noble kingdom of Asuria (which our DM decided to make very racist, they don’t like non-humans or magic there). Our party is composed of a human barbarian, a dwarven warlock-necromancer, a human cleric and me, a human paladin (mainly because it is one of the most noob friendly class-race combo).

On our most recent session we had lots of weird things happen, such as a fight with a racist barman at an inn, which ended in our dwarf friend having a drinking contest with said barman and getting a round of ale for everyone in the place (that got rid of the racism and some “you’re one of the good ones” comments).

Fast forward, we got involved into a missing persons quest, some mercenaries called the prouncing roosters, which led to an inn called the scowling frog, which in turn led to a dungeon in which we handily defeated giant rats, lizardmen (or giant lizards? I can’t remember), a giant crocodile and an enchanted armor and sword (which our cleric and me decided to steal because… upgrades, and of course we didn’t start by looking into the only room in the dungeon with an item to dispell).

Funnily enough, our barbarian and me got half of our hit points taken by a swarm of rats and grey ooze because bad luck I guess? 😀 I made a doodle to commemorate the occasion:

Day 25 of