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  • Progress report on a more FOSS/FLOSS, decentralized digital life

    For context, let me refer to my very first entry, the idea was basically looking for alternatives, so here’s the long awaited progress report: Changes already in place Using Mastodon instead of Twitter Using Pixelfed instead of Instagram (On Android) Using NewPipe instead of YouTube, this one is quite cool, it has all the features […]

  • The journey to self-hosting (on a Raspberrypi 4)

    Ever since discovering the Fediverse and reading toots from awesome people in Fosstodon, a little idea started to take shape in my head: perhaps its not that hard to self host, there are tons of tutorials and resources out there…And I need some alternative to google photos to share albums with my family back home […]

  • Into the Fediverse

    Privacy and social networks Welcome stranger, let me start by saying this blog is just meant to be a space to share my thoughts and because I find it therapeutic, don’t expect the next best novel 🙂 Now, let’s get right to it: I had always known that big tech companies such as Facebook or […]

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