Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 2)

This is a follow-up to this entry. This time I’ll try to describe more day to day use (at least mine): Generic tasks The most simple task I use a computer for is writing entries for my blog, as I mentioned before I love the Markdown format… I’ve found a perfectly good FOSS replacement for… Continue reading Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 2)

Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

Wednesday November 11 (yes, fitting, we celebrated single’s day by playing DnD 😛 ). As usual this entry build on the previous one. In the map we are at the bottom slightly to the right. Some of the interesting things that happened: After a good night’s sleep at our inn “The Raging Ram” in the… Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

Linux and Art mix

I just felt the need to document my latest Linux issues: First, some context, I like painting with watercolor and have been doing it for quite a while now but in the last couple of years material such as paper (I used Arches 300g) has become quite expensive, which made me think that perhaps it… Continue reading Linux and Art mix