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  • Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 2)

    This is a follow-up to this entry. This time I’ll try to describe more day to day use (at least mine): Generic tasks The most simple task I use a computer for is writing entries for my blog, as I mentioned before I love the Markdown format… I’ve found a perfectly good FOSS replacement for […]

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

    Dungeons and Dragons: Asuria (Part 3)

    Wednesday November 11 (yes, fitting, we celebrated single’s day by playing DnD 😛 ). As usual this entry build on the previous one. In the map we are at the bottom slightly to the right. Some of the interesting things that happened: After a good night’s sleep at our inn “The Raging Ram” in the […]

  • FOSS Donations

    Let me start by saying that the purpose of this entry is not to say “Look at how selfless I am for donating money to FOSS organizations or projects” so, with that in mind, I will not list any specific quantities because that is not the point I am trying to make. Having written the […]

  • Linux and Art mix

    I just felt the need to document my latest Linux issues: First, some context, I like painting with watercolor and have been doing it for quite a while now but in the last couple of years material such as paper (I used Arches 300g) has become quite expensive, which made me think that perhaps it […]

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