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  • Mexican Food (Part 2)

    This is a bit of a follow-up on my previous rant on Mexican food and its representation abroad, see the previous entry, since last time I’ve tried to show “the way” to my Norwegian friends and I thought it would be nice to document the process. I’ve also written about food during some holidays, see: […]

  • Day of the Epiphany (Three Kings’ Day?) away from Mexico

    Following up on my series “Celebrating holidays away from Mexico”, after entries such as: a rant about Mexican food on independence day and day of the dead January 6th is Día de Reyes, the last date of what we Mexicans know as the Guadalupe – Reyes marathon (which is, in short, an extended holiday period […]

  • Day of the dead away from Mexico

    I usually like to hate on Facebook but I’ve got to admit it is useful if used responsibly, this time thanks to it, I found out that a mexican baker had moved to town and I managed to get “Pan de Muerto” (Dead bread?). I feel like I have to describe it for non-mexicans: for […]

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