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  • Making a bluetooth split keyboard part 2

    This is a followup on a previous entry It has been a while since I last wrote about this but I’ve been busy: Flashing the first nRFmicro The very fist attempt at flashing the bootloader to my nRFmicro board failed miserably because I botched some pins on the main module so I used this as […]

  • Infinitime 1.2-0 on PineTime, from scratch

    It seems that it is normal for me to buy stuff/parts/devkits and let them accumulate some dust before getting back to the project pile … Just recently I read on the Pine64 Blog June update that Infinitime 1.2 was coming soon… Then I remembered I had ordered a PineTime devkit (part of the first batch […]

  • Making a bluetooth split keyboard (part 1)

    It’s been a while since I last posted something remotely technical so I thought this would do this entry All the work is based on the Lily58 split keyboard, we will be using the nRFmicro board, which in turn will be the brain of each keyboard half The first step was to make the nRFmicro […]

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