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  • Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 4)

    This is a follow-up on a previous entry Dealing with an external display A while back I ordered a USB-C dongle that I thought wasn’t working so I checked a list of USB Combination Devices that are compatible in the wiki, more specifically I had to wait for this USB-C dongle from aliexpress to get […]

  • Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 3)

    This is a follow-up on a previous entry One step closer to daily driver!! Working from home is possible with the pinebookpro I managed to connect to my workplace’s VPN, however it took some digging around: first of all, we have a Linux VPN package, so that’s already something, (kudos for showing Linux some love); […]

  • Thoughts on the pinebookpro (Part 2)

    This is a follow-up to this entry. This time I’ll try to describe more day to day use (at least mine): Generic tasks The most simple task I use a computer for is writing entries for my blog, as I mentioned before I love the Markdown format… I’ve found a perfectly good FOSS replacement for […]

  • Thoughts on the pinebook pro

    Back in September I pulled the trigger and ordered a pinebook pro. Long story short: I declare myself a fanboy, the pinebook pro from pine64 is a very capable little machine. There are a lot of better written and more detailed blog posts/reviews of the pinebook pro out there already but just in case: For […]

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