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  • Fooling around with bash scripts 2

    This is a follow-up to my previous entries: Fooling around with bash scripts, which I used as a base for Migration from Google Photos to Nextcloud and Piwigo Since some of my old picture albums have old .mov, .mpg and .avi videos in them I decided to also convert them to .mp4 (piwigo can show […]

  • Fooling around with bash scripts

    I thought I would share 2 shell scripts that I’ve found useful, the first one allows me to to use my DSLR camera as a webcam and the second one allows me to batch resize and optimize images Using DSLR as webcam This is probably most useful in COVID-19 times, found it a while back […]

  • My blogging journey so far

    I remember I started a blog in March last year (2019), it was a simple Writefreely blog,it looked like this: It was simple, easy to use and you could follow it via mastodon, I wanted to engage a bit more with my fellow fedizens so I started looking into WordPress around the same time I […]

  • Thank you Yunohost (Part 2)

    This is a bit of a continuation on my previous thank you post, since I received a lot of help and it deserves proper credit, this post is to be taken as part thank you note and part summary of the whole SSL certificate issue ordeal: First things first, in short Yunohost is an easy […]

  • Weird things happen when you selfhost your blog (edit)

    Interesting, I managed to screw up my blog. Logging in is impossible through a web browser, I get the message: 502 Bad Gateway nginx This happened after messing around with the WP Reset plugin, apparently I deleted some custom table I shouldn’t have… Funnily enough I am still able to use the android app to […]

  • Convenience vs Privacy (Round 1)

    A brief summary: I’ve been looking into privacy friendly alternatives to software most of us use or used in our everyday lives. To be more precise, an alternative to WhatsApp for communication within my family. Long story short: I lost this one… A while back I switched from WhatsApp to Signal and kind of forced […]

  • FOSS Donations

    Let me start by saying that the purpose of this entry is not to say “Look at how selfless I am for donating money to FOSS organizations or projects” so, with that in mind, I will not list any specific quantities because that is not the point I am trying to make. Having written the […]

  • Optimizing my yunohost wordpress blog

    After my last update about my blog migration, basically all I did was install LiteSpeed Cache plugin and mess around with it. For reference, lots of documentation goodness here The most important part to note is that I kept getting bugged by both Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to enable text compression. After some time […]

  • Migration to WordPress

    In recent days I’ve been busy trying to get my blog up and running on my cheapo Raspberry Pi + Yunohost server setup. The process was fun, so here’s a blog entry about migrating my blog (blogception?) from a writefreely instance to my self hosted wordpress instance. Why though? To put it simply: because I […]

  • Progress report on a more FOSS/FLOSS, decentralized digital life

    For context, let me refer to my very first entry, the idea was basically looking for alternatives, so here’s the long awaited progress report: Changes already in place Using Mastodon instead of Twitter Using Pixelfed instead of Instagram (On Android) Using NewPipe instead of YouTube, this one is quite cool, it has all the features […]

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