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  • Making another split keyboard: Lily58 QMK edition

    With the previous success (see part1, part1-a and part2) in making a bluetooth keyboard, I decided to make another keyboard with a different approach: My excuse for building this keyboard was that my blue switches keyboard may be too noisy for the office, and the work desktop has no bluetooth (I know, sad, right?). The […]

  • Making a bluetooth split keyboard part 2

    This is a followup on a previous entry It has been a while since I last wrote about this but I’ve been busy: Flashing the first nRFmicro The very fist attempt at flashing the bootloader to my nRFmicro board failed miserably because I botched some pins on the main module so I used this as […]

  • Making a bluetooth split keyboard (Part 1-a)

    A bit of a followup on a previous entry, I’ve succeeded in turning a Chinese STM32F103 clone into a Black Magic Probe : I found some instructions in blackmagic-bluepill to follow I’ll try to summarize: wiring is important! Since the whole point of making the BMP flasher/debugger was to flash the nRFmicro, I followed the […]

  • Making a bluetooth split keyboard (part 1)

    It’s been a while since I last posted something remotely technical so I thought this would do this entry All the work is based on the Lily58 split keyboard, we will be using the nRFmicro board, which in turn will be the brain of each keyboard half The first step was to make the nRFmicro […]

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