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  • Fooling around with bash scripts 2

    This is a follow-up to my previous entries: Fooling around with bash scripts, which I used as a base for Migration from Google Photos to Nextcloud and Piwigo Since some of my old picture albums have old .mov, .mpg and .avi videos in them I decided to also convert them to .mp4 (piwigo can show […]

  • My (Neo)Vim Cheatsheet

    I’ve been learning to use neovim for almost 3 weeks now and it has been fun, coming from VSCode I guess I was spoiled by the feature rich IDE/text editor, however there is beauty in the simplicity keyboard oriented (Neo)vim text editor I’ve been trying to get all the useful keyboard shortcuts and commands I’ve […]

  • Migration from Google Photos to Nextcloud and Piwigo

    Getting the pictures First step was downloading all my pictures from Google Photos, so I went to Google Takeout which is the way to download all the data the big G has on you. For now I selected only the data in Google Photos but if I had wanted to I could’ve downloaded potentially everything. […]

  • My transition from VSCode to Neovim

    I’ve always liked the idea of using a tiling window manager and customizing the hell out of it, you know, the kind of stuff you see by searching for the linuxPorn hashtag… My main problem with them is that I am very very used to GUIs, while I am fairly competent on a terminal, I […]

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