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  • My blogging journey so far

    I remember I started a blog in March last year (2019), it was a simple Writefreely blog,it looked like this: It was simple, easy to use and you could follow it via mastodon, I wanted to engage a bit more with my fellow fedizens so I started looking into WordPress around the same time I […]

  • Weird things happen when you selfhost your blog (edit)

    Interesting, I managed to screw up my blog. Logging in is impossible through a web browser, I get the message: 502 Bad Gateway nginx This happened after messing around with the WP Reset plugin, apparently I deleted some custom table I shouldn’t have… Funnily enough I am still able to use the android app to […]

  • Optimizing my yunohost wordpress blog

    After my last update about my blog migration, basically all I did was install LiteSpeed Cache plugin and mess around with it. For reference, lots of documentation goodness here The most important part to note is that I kept getting bugged by both Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to enable text compression. After some time […]

  • Migration to WordPress

    In recent days I’ve been busy trying to get my blog up and running on my cheapo Raspberry Pi + Yunohost server setup. The process was fun, so here’s a blog entry about migrating my blog (blogception?) from a writefreely instance to my self hosted wordpress instance. Why though? To put it simply: because I […]

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