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  • Migration from Google Photos to Nextcloud and Piwigo

    Getting the pictures First step was downloading all my pictures from Google Photos, so I went to Google Takeout which is the way to download all the data the big G has on you. For now I selected only the data in Google Photos but if I had wanted to I could’ve downloaded potentially everything. […]

  • Fooling around with bash scripts

    I thought I would share 2 shell scripts that I’ve found useful, the first one allows me to to use my DSLR camera as a webcam and the second one allows me to batch resize and optimize images Using DSLR as webcam This is probably most useful in COVID-19 times, found it a while back […]

  • Thank you Yunohost (Part 2)

    This is a bit of a continuation on my previous thank you post, since I received a lot of help and it deserves proper credit, this post is to be taken as part thank you note and part summary of the whole SSL certificate issue ordeal: First things first, in short Yunohost is an easy […]

  • FOSS Donations

    Let me start by saying that the purpose of this entry is not to say “Look at how selfless I am for donating money to FOSS organizations or projects” so, with that in mind, I will not list any specific quantities because that is not the point I am trying to make. Having written the […]

  • Optimizing my yunohost wordpress blog

    After my last update about my blog migration, basically all I did was install LiteSpeed Cache plugin and mess around with it. For reference, lots of documentation goodness here The most important part to note is that I kept getting bugged by both Google’s PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to enable text compression. After some time […]

  • Migration to WordPress

    In recent days I’ve been busy trying to get my blog up and running on my cheapo Raspberry Pi + Yunohost server setup. The process was fun, so here’s a blog entry about migrating my blog (blogception?) from a writefreely instance to my self hosted wordpress instance. Why though? To put it simply: because I […]

  • My Raspberry Pi server with yunohost

    I will try to make this entry resemble a tutorial, hopefully this ends up being useful to someone. Why start over? I had been playing around with Open Media Vault before (see this entry for details), but it was mainly based on docker images and I could never get Nextcloud up and running (the closest […]

  • Thank you yunohost

    Ever since I started looking into the Fediverse, FOSS/FLOSS, privacy and self-hosting I was pleasantly surprised by how engaging and helpful the community can be. As an example: in Fosstodon all my interactions have been very nice, from sharing random unrelated stuff to asking for advice on more technical matters everyone has always been helpful […]

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